JavaScript Development

Our outstaffing company can gather for you a team ready to offer in-depth expertise without exhausting your budget.

Build your personal React Native solution with our React Native outstaffing service. Let us be responsible for the implementation of your frontend web development services and you are guaranteed to get a scalable solution with excellent UX and every chance to become a role model in your niche.

JavaScript Development
Do you need to also implement software backend based on JavaScript?

No big deal, our team of dedicated Node JS experts will handle this most beneficially for your business. Getting the most out of JavaScript resources, our guys will create a high-performance, reliable server part that can be modified and scaled.

We will help you introduce projects to the market faster than ever before.

Front-End Web Development Flow

Our experts contact you directly to formalize your business concepts and understand how to implement them in software in the most cost-efficient manner. We provide detailed consultation and guarantee regular communication so that our cooperation stays utterly convenient.
Our front-end web development services cover the full scope of development - from creating user interfaces to working on complex cross-platform projects for mobile platforms. We efficiently use prominent JS-based tools to create only top-end IT solutions.
Would you like to globally enhance your software by porting it to React Native? We will do it for you as quickly and easily as possible. Forget downtime and trouble with new interruptions in the software code - we will thoroughly test everything out to protect you from any losses.
Third-party experts
The development of highly-specialized software is our favorite challenge. We will be glad to cooperate with a third-party team of specialists to work on the business logic for software that must be strictly customized according to your particular needs and expectations.

JavaScript Frameworks we Use

At Academy Smart, we gqther top-notch specialists to offer some of the most
efficient yet affordable JavaScript development services in Ukraine, using tolls like:

Cooperation Models

to Hire Remote Front-End Developers
Dedicated team Save up to 30% of the project cost
Get top-notch IT specialists integrated with your running workflow on a full-time basis. Save development costs required for onsite team management with qualified remote experts that offer focused specialization at affordable rates.
Time & Material Budget control over each part of the project
Perfectly fits IT projects with yet undefined scope of work. This model allows you to be ultimately agile and adjust the workload for involved specialists according to the current project’s status.
Fixed price Perfectly fits short term projects
This option is recommended if the project plan is clearly estimated and has a precise scope of the work description. The more detailed the initial plan and analysis are, the better this model will work.

Javascript projects we’ve developed

MarinaReservation overview is an online berth booking platform that attracts skippers, explorers and travelers around the world to find, book berths and enjoy the world’s best marinas to stay.
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