Corporate E-Learning
Platform Development

It may be difficult for many companies out there to implement a multi-purpose training tool for their employees.

Using our corporate LMS development service on Moodle with SCORM integration, we will develop a custom platform with increased accessibility so that even employees working outside the office get real-time access to training materials.

Corporate <b>E-Learning<br> Platform Development</b>
Personal E-learning solutions development

Looking to provide opportunities for interactive video learning with SCORM? Or build a learning platform with gamification elements?

We can get some of the most top-notch remote specialists to work on your project and transfer your courses, tests, presentations, and much more to a virtual training platform.

Moodle Customized Features

Basic configurations
Moodle offers a huge number of plugins so that you get a solution that fully meets your expectations. With Moodle customization features, we will make your course accessible to everyone without exception!
Mobile experience
With Moodle Mobile and advanced responsive design capabilities, we will provide superior UX for your mobile users to make your e-learning platform even more versatile and accessible!
With the Moodle LMS features, your learning platform will also be able to support the social activity of your students. We will set up a chat feature as well as content sharing and data synchronization abilities
Customizable rating panel
We can implement absolutely any type of rating system, settling with the most convenient option for your course. This will save you some calculation issues and let you benefit from your knowledge even more.
Wide file storage support
Moodle can be integrated with a wide range of storage solutions, such as Dropbox, Flickr, Google Drive, etc. On top of that, the Moodle server itself is at your service. Choose what is truly convenient for your LMS integration!
In-depth analytics
With Moodle customized features, you get the opportunity to keep your own grade book for tracking your students' achievements. We will configure it exactly as your course requires.
Numerous useful tools
Moodle is a learning content management system that allows implementation of intellectual training in a game format or choosing one or more of the many LMS integrations approved by well-known universities, schools, etc.
Student account management
You can subdivide access rights for individual groups of students in order to set flexible pricing for your courses. Or, for instance, open access to new modules as students progress.

Moodle plugins
we developed or customized

There are over 1500 Moodle plugins to upgrade learning management systems with new features. Our Moodle developers can help with customization or custom solution development from scratch.

Resource libraries plugin
Editing courses and managing resources
Video resource plugin
Reusable HTML plugin
Enrollment plugin

Cooperation Models

to Hire Remote Front-End Developers
Dedicated team Save up to 30% on project costs
Get top-notch IT specialists integrated into your workflow on a full-time basis. Save development costs required for onsite team management with qualified remote experts that offer focused specialization at affordable rates.
Time & Material Budget control over each part of the project
Fits IT projects with undefined scopes of work. This model allows you to be ultimately agile and adjust the workload for involved specialists according to the current project’s status.
Fixed price Perfectly fits short term projects
This option is recommended if the project plan is clearly estimated and has a precise scope of the work description. The more detailed the initial plan and analysis are, the better this model will work.

Moodle projects we’ve developed

OVERVIEW Gambassa is a leading project based Learning Management System. It empowers students and educators to collaborate on projects and capture the results into a personal portfolio.
Students can learn through the curriculums, capture their work, and inspire others to do the same.
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E-learning Solutions Development Process

3 steps from Initial Idea to App Release, ensure our team’s performance and productivity in every type of project.
Define the goal
  • Discuss product’s idea
  • Define the scope of work
  • Build a team
  • Create UX wireframes
  • Design User Interface
  • Apply SCRUM methodology
  • Present every 2 weeks what’s been developed
  • Perform quality assurance testing
  • Migrate to “Live” server
  • Get users feedback
  • Develop additional features if necessary
  • 10+ years of experience Mobile and Web Apps development
  • 96 projects developed Web, iOS, Android
  • 102 full-time experienced IT specialistst
  • 63 clients served in 14 countries

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