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Required skills
  • Unity3D (2019+) and C#
  • Depending on possible tasks above the corresponding experience
  • Passion for game development
  • English – spoken ( interview in English)
  • Problem-solving oriented, proactive and self-organized
  • Ambitious and motivated
  • Strong communication skills with external team members
  • Organizational talent, conscientiousness and quality awareness
We offer
  • 20 days of paid holiday + all Ukrainian national holidays;
  • We have English classes with Native speaker – you will love him;
  • Training and workshops for your career growth;
  • PlayStation to brighten up your day;
  • Corporate events and activities.
  • Animation logic & procedural animations (IK, Ragdoll, Soft-Body, etc.)
  • Lifelike, complex character behavior (virtual personalities)
  • Solving difficult Unity challenges and exploring new paths
  • Usage of the latest Unity technologies (e.g. Ray-Tracing, DOTS, Jobs-System, etc.)
  • Voice control, dialog system and player-character-interactions
  • Character individualization (geometry, blendshapes, hairstyles, clothing, etc.)
  • Game logic, level design, tutorial and story implementations
  • VR/AR developments (navigation/control, Oculus Quest Hand Tracking, etc.)
  • User interfaces for different devices (3D/VR/AR)
  • Testing Interface to 3D graphics, performance optimization
Project description

International software company Avataris (, are developing a game with Unity 3D, which, like “The Sims”, focuses on interpersonal relationships, but at the same time uses maximum realism and state-of-the-art technologies. For example, the user experiences our game from the egoperspective – optionally also in VR or AR – and has to deal with virtual avatars that create the perfect illusion both optically and functionally (e.g. using AI, speech recognition, complex personality, procedural animations, physical hair and VR hand interactions, etc.). As part of our team, you would work with cutting-edge technologies and Unity’s state-of-the-art achievements to push the boundaries of realism and create a breathtakingly beautiful game with unique depth and gameplay concept.

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Senior 3D Unity Developer
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