The talent and expertise of their staff are outstanding. When issues arise, which is always the case with our type of application, their team is responsive and quick to keep our software running.

CEO Management Consulting Company Lehi, Utah

How a cloud-as-a-service project enhanced road safety with Academy SMART

Our client sought road safety via automated traffic enforcement. We facilitated migration to a modern, business-aligned stack using React and integrated microservices, resulting in a scalable solution that improves global traffic.

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How a tech company streamlined HSQE management with Academy SMART

Aiming to digitize Quality, Health, Safety, Security, and Environment management lacking key features, our team helped to develop a safety panel with notifications, dashboards, and incident logs, boosting safety, and efficiency.

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Get Your Product Done with Our Services

Web Development
Are you striving for increased visibility, accessibility, and scalability? With our expertise in front-end development, you get responsive design, UI/UX excellence, and accessibility optimization. Let us proficiently handle back-end Development, integrating CMS, managing databases, and developing APIs for enhanced functionality. Break free from managing web hosting, version control, and security testing for your innovative and credible online presence.
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Mobile Development
Thrive in the enormous mobile market with our mobile development services. From native and hybrid app development to deployment and maintenance, cherish intuitive apps tailored to your needs. Reach wider audiences and enhance engagement while streamlining processes. Don’t worry about handling device feature integration, app store management, analytics tracking, and push notification integration for optimal user engagement–we've got it.
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Cloud & DevOps
Excel in the cloud and DevOps with our services. From conducting thorough infrastructure assessments to optimizing costs and ensuring reliability, you get tailored solutions that meet your needs. Our team specializes in seamless cloud migration for your performance efficiency and smooth operations. We prioritize infrastructure governance and operational excellence, delivering secure cloud solutions for your business's sustained success and growth.
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Data & Analytics
Harness the power of data with our expertise. From data engineering, business intelligence & reporting to DataOps and data strategy, you get comprehensive solutions to unlock valuable insights, drive informed decision-making, and optimize business performance. By leveraging our competencies, you will streamline operations, identify trends, optimize processes, gain a competitive edge, and achieve your strategic objectives.
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    Hire the Provider that Gets Tech Things Done

    Back up your project with senior tech engineers who ensure your team has the necessary skills, expertise, and experience to complete the project and address any technical challenges. If you need top-level talent, we can help with a CTO-as-a-service product, where we grant the C-level tech expert on your team.
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    Get unmatched flexibility of cooperation tailored to your project budget and needs. Start with a 3-month trial period when you can replace candidates with no handover fees. Switch from full-time to part-time support or vice versa. Scale up or down depending on your evolving demands and growing trust in Academy SMART.
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    Enjoy high productivity from day one, as our team pays close attention to mapping the delivery process with a weekly plan. With a dedicated project manager at the helm, you get daily standups, weekly deliverables, and monthly reports, ensuring steadfast commitment to delivering timely, high-quality work within budget.
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    Enjoy responses to your requests within 30 minutes and accessibility even outside business hours. Engage directly with any team member or let our account manager ensure seamless collaboration with all stakeholders. Share your communication approach, and we’ll utilize any setup, including Jira, Confluence, Slack, Discord, Google Chat, WhatsApp, and email.
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    Get informed about any potential challenges before they even pop up. Our approach is to identify them before they impact your operations and suggest possible solutions. Effective management and communication provide you with timely updates on project progress and recommended improvements or optimizations.
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    Get Added Value from our Domain Expertise

    Leverage our decade-long expertise in the field to swiftly and effectively develop top-tier learning portals, EdTech startups, or LMS solutions.
    Maximize the efficiency and speed of your custom booking management systems or seamlessly integrate payment gateways with our expertise in travel and mobility.
    Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS)
    Enhance incident management, risk analysis, and compliance with international standards with our EHS management expertise.
    Customize your resource management solution with our specialized knowledge in designing and implementing such systems.
    Streamline your order fulfillment with scalable, efficient, and flexible solutions with our robotics, machine learning, and warehouse management expertise.


    Do you offer the discovery phase? What is included?
    Yes, we provide a discovery phase to grasp your project details, work schedule, and team composition needs. This helps to select the engineers who best match your project's technical and creative criteria. As deliverables, you receive design wireframes and specifications.
    How is the team hired?
    The team is hired through a structured process: first, we examine your project intricacies and then meticulously curate the present candidates based on their practical experience and skill set. After conducting interviews and evaluating expertise, you finalize the composition of your dedicated development team.
    How does scaling up/down occur?
    Scaling up or down your dedicated development team is flexible and straightforward. You can adjust the team's composition based on your project's evolving needs. Add, reduce the number of specialists, or switch between full-time and part-time cooperation as required.
    What are the guarantees? What do you do if something goes wrong?
    We ensure quality service and timely delivery for your project. If something goes wrong, our C-level team steps in to resolve issues, find solutions, and ensure the project stays on track, maintaining effective communication.
    What is the level of seniority of specialists?
    Our specialists range from junior to senior levels, depending on your project's needs. The overall seniority level in our company is 55%. We ensure that each team has a balanced mix of experience and expertise to meet your requirements.

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