A dedicated development team is a purposeful association of diversified IT professionals designed to meet various business needs in the information technology area. Depending on the project specification and current challenges, such a team can include both narrowly specialized engineers and many experts in various areas of software development, whose workflow is governed by project managers. In addition, dedicated software developers can provide their services autonomously or as part of the customer’s in-house team. They can also be fully responsible for developing a software product or act as an outsourced contractor.

The decision to use the service of hiring dedicated teams is especially beneficial in the following cases:

  • lack of a full-time development team;
  • overload of the internal crew with current projects;
  • lack of in-house human resources or expertise;
  • strictly limited budgets for software development;
  • project creation of turnkey software.

At Academy Smart, you can hire dedicated development teams of various configurations and under different conditions. Typically, they consist of programmers and QA testers with required expertise. Still, the team may also include PMs, business analysts, DevOps engineers, UI / UX designers, and other specialists whose participation you may need. Our consultants will gladly help you choose the best technical solutions for your product and determine the optimal crew for their implementation.

Dedicated Software
Development Team Services We Provide

Our company provides a flexible and individual approach to meet the business challenges of each of our clients in the best possible way. That is why software development teams are recruited based on the requirements of the project specification, the availability of expertise and experience in the industry, teamwork skills, and the customer’s individual preferences.

Front-end development team

Client-side software specialists create and update software interface interaction capabilities. This team includes experts in HTML 5, CCS 3, JavaScript, and TypeScript, as well as popular libraries and frameworks for them, like React, Vue.js, or Angular.

Back-end development team

Experts in the building of server applications ensure the health of the software, calculation algorithms, the integrity and security of databases, the efficient use of computing power, and data transfer between various information systems. This team often consists of strong Python, Java, Go!, C++, and Node.js programmers.

Full-stack development team

A fully staffed dedicated development team of this type creates full-featured software of any complexity. It includes representatives of the first two groups, selected per the specificity of the project's technology stack.

Web application development team

Web programmers create and maintain applications that are available online. Such teams can consist of both client-side and server-side developers separately or of universal full-stack specialists only.

Cloud-based application development team

The team, staffed by cloud technology experts, allows you to design and deploy scalable applications with a serverless architecture. These professionals are skilled in containerizing applications and deploying them in Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, or Microsoft Azure environments.

The mobile application development team

Dedicated developers with expertise in creating cross-platform and native mobile applications create and modernize software products for iOS and Android.

QA engineering team

The testing team performs complex work to identify and eliminate low-quality and vulnerable program code.

DevOps engineering team

Participation of DevOps optimizes the dedicated software development workflow and its results.

UI/UX development team

This dedicated development team you may hire to design and test the user interface to create friendly and engaging applications.

Cooperation Models We Support

For the convenience of our customers, Academy Smart offers several options for cooperation with various payment models.

Turnkey project development

A dedicated development team builds software from scratch at a flat project fee or hourly rate for long-term incremental collaborations with changing goals. You don’t have to worry about selecting a team and managing the processes personally. Your assistant will be an experienced project manager who is personally responsible for the success of software creation. Introduce us to your challenges and entrust the development to professionals.

Software development outsourcing

The developers of our company, as part of dedicated teams, perform various tasks to create, support, and upgrade customer software products based on hourly wages. Get the help you need from a qualified contractor, offload your internal development crew, and improve your product using our agency’s resources.

Software developers outstaffing

Rental of working hours of specific IT experts based on hourly wages to augment your onboard staff by the quality workforce. Choose the suitable programmers for your needs freely, manage their workload, and use their services for as long as your project requires.

Dedicated Development Team Setup Process

Introduce us to your project

Share your product details, work schedule, and team composition requirements. This information will help us select the engineers who will best match your project's technical parameters and the future team's creative criteria.

Take a look at our experts

Study the practical experience and skills of the candidates we offer you. Conduct interviews and evaluate their expertise to select the most suitable programmers. Determine the final composition of the dedicated development team and hire it.

Get started with a new team

Set current goals, communicate with the team, track their performance, and adjust them to establish effective collaboration. Enjoy the quality of Academy Smart's dedicated development team services.

Technology Stack

Front-end development technology

React JS
React Native

Back-end development technology

SQL Server

Benefits of Having
Dedicated Software Development Team

Using remote dedicated software developers allows you to expand your business opportunities and get the missing resources significantly.

Quick access to experts

The option of dedicated teams can significantly reduce the time it takes to recruit the IT talent your software needs. You don’t need to advertise and analyze hundreds of resumes for worthy candidates. They are already selected, trained, and waiting for your tasks.

Workload redistribution

Dedicated teams of contractors can both complement the lack of workforce and offload in-house developers by taking on secondary tasks and allowing the internal team to remain focused on the project's core. By delegating some of the routines to our programmers, you are guaranteed to get only a high-quality result.

Simple operation control

Regular communication between the client and the project manager from the IT service provider or directly makes it easier to set current tasks and receive reports on the work done. Also, it is elementary with our HR assistance to hire dedicated development teams or expand their composition as often as it may need.

Reduce development costs

The customer can greatly save money by interacting with remote offshore dedicated programmers without having to organize labor infrastructure and complex accounting, as well as taking advantage of lower development prices in the countries of these providers.

Why Choose Academy SMART?

Hiring a dedicated software development team at the Academy Smart IT agency is a good decision if you value attention to your business needs, an efficient organization of processes, and timely delivery of releases.

  • We create software product development teams of experienced professionals, of which there are more than 100 in our company.
  • Our dedicated teams are managed by open, empathetic, and proactive project managers and highly qualified tech leads.
  • We take care of selecting suitable professionals and organizing their efficient work and accounting routine.
  • Our employees approach the challenges of your project creatively and try to find the most cost-effective and beneficial solution for the client, even in the most complex cases.
  • In the end, the high work quality of Academy Smart developers is perfectly complemented by a reasonable price for the services of an IT company from Ukraine.

The Industries We Specialize In

Academy Smart puts at your disposal dedicated software development teams of various configurations to solve current business problems and build complex software solutions from scratch. Depending on the needs of your case, we bring together specialists with strong professional and communication skills and practical experience in the following fields:

  • custom software development;
  • full-stack web application development;
  • enterprise software applications development;
  • cross-platform & native mobile development;
  • cloud migration and serverless software deployment;
  • artificial and machine learning application creation;
  • healthcare apps development;
  • eLearning systems building and customization;
  • AR/VR/MR solution development;
  • travel & booking application development, etc.

Our Clients

The services of our dedicated development company have already been used by enterprises and manufacturing firms from Austria, the Netherlands, Germany, Israel, the USA, South Africa, Norway, Ireland, Sweden, and the UK.

Our leading partners are Cloudyn, JFrog, Volidar KG, Car2Go, eWorks, ITsoft, Marina Reservation, Cyber Inc, etc.


Company logo
Sharon Wagner
Sharon Wagner CEO of Cloudyn

This team is working with us almost three years: we started with one remote person and grow our presence to 13 people including the two talented leaders Evegeny Golubov and Vlad Sokol. Over time, this group of great developers helped Cloudyn scale our engineering throughput and significantly contribute to Cloudyn's acquisition by Microsoft.

Israel, Tel Aviv
Company logo
Evgeny Golubov
Evgeny Golubov CEO of ITSoft

It is pleasure working with Academy Smart. This team is super professional. The Development partner that understands the requirements and business needs of its clients and work in full transparency. It is a pleasure working with them; the team is qualified, hard-working techies who also have strong people skills.

Israel, Rishon Lezion
Company logo
Mark Samberg
Mark Samberg Technology Innovations Project Manager

I have used this provider for two projects and am consistently impressed with the quality of work, and responsiveness.

USA, Raleigh, North Carolina
Company logo
Alex Magher
Alex Magher Project Manager at MarinaReservation.com

Vlad and his team helped us develop a boat marketplace with a very clean and modular development code. He has proven his professionalism and has completed our project in time. I recommend the team! His seriousness was a big asset!

Romania, Bucharest
Company logo
Joris van der Poel
Joris van der Poel Marketing Manager, eWorks

Great collaboration with clear communication and realistic planning. Meeting and exceeding expectations!

Netherlands, Hilversum, North Holland Province
Company logo
Oleg Rudenko
Oleg Rudenko CEO Volidar KG, Austria

Academy Smart is reliable and truly open team to work with. Working process is usually smooth and transparent. Their team is energetic, professional and open minded, delivering top notch services. Their approach is very flexible and customer oriented, they always try their best to take all the requirements and wishes into account.

Lower Austria, Brunn am Gebirge
Company logo
Alain Rees
Alain Rees CEO, Cyber ​​Inc.

Academy Smart team is really in the thinking process which is unusual when you are outsourcing the project. When we send a new batch of features we want to have on our platform, they always come back with feedback including advice for either better performance or costs saving. We have a great Project Manager for 1,5 years and it’s really different from other companies. It really feels that we are working on the same project.

The Hague Area, Netherlands
Company logo
Caitlin Boeyens
Caitlin Boeyens Project Manager and Senior Developer, BIGBrave

I enjoyed working with their project manager who ensured the work is happening so we can hand over the project more fully. We were able to complete the functionality close to our deadline. The functionality was implemented as expected and the code was neat.

Johannesburg, South Africa
Company logo
Robert McMillan
Robert McMillan Founder and CEO, ScotCro, LLC

Academy Smart has provided a resource that easily integrated with the team and was productive from day one. Regularly completed deliverables, on time and within budget. It's the ultimate measure of success.

Atlanta, USA
Company logo
Bjørn Grønning
Bjørn Grønning CTO, Balcoo AS

Academy smart had the needed skills to do the work. Really nice persons to work with. Good skills, and if there was an issue where we needed special skills they provided that skills to us. Communications was good. With their help, we successfully finished the project within the scope.

Stavanger, Norway
Company logo
Michael Gillespie
Michael Gillespie Founder and CEO, BlueEQ

The talent and expertise of their staff are outstanding. When issues arise, which is always the case with our type of application, their team is responsive and quick to keep our software running.

Lehi, USA

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How long does it take to build a dedicated software development team?

The selection of a development team directly depends on the project's type, size, and technology stack, which determine the availability of specific experts. With Academy Smart's assistance, you may hire dedicated software development team within four weeks. However, searching for programmers with unique expertise to complete the unit may require more time.

Can a dedicated software development team work remotely for my business?

One of the main advantages of dedicated development team services is that they are remote, and you do not need to bear the cost of organizing employees' workspace and workflow. Established communication with the team allows you to effectively manage the development process and get the results your business needs.

How can a dedicated software development team ensure the success of my project?

The performance of a dedicated software team is similar to an in-house unit since it has specific goals and objectives for the project. The service provider's project manager monitors the development process's effectiveness, finds solutions in complex and conflict situations, and is fully responsible for the timely delivery of planned results.
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