65% of consumers order goods and services via mobile, 85% prefer cross-platforming over native mobile apps
4.68 billion people in the world use mobile phones and 90% of users spend their mobile time in Apps

Why build a Mobile App?

Mobile apps scale businesses and greatly improve customer experience
Mobile App UI design with clear UX flow helps to increase conversion rates
Flexible tech stack and pricing make development processes smooth
Build a Mobile App

Types of mobile applications

  • React Native A cross-platform app with highly responsive UI, and quicker load times than a typical hybrid app
  • Progressive Web Application A Progressive Web App (PWA) is a web app that uses modern web capabilities to deliver an app-like experience to users
  • Native A mobile app that is coded in a specific programming language for a specific operating system (Android, iOS, Windows)

Mobile app development process

3 steps from Idea to App release ensure our teams' performance and productivity
Define the goal
  • Discuss product’s idea
  • Define the scope of work
  • Build a team
  • Create UX wireframes
  • Design User Interface
  • Apply SCRUM methodology
  • Present every 2 weeks what’s been developed
  • Perform quality assurance testing
  • Migrate to “Live” server
  • Get users feedback
  • Develop additional features if necessary
Why we recommend building

React Native or Progressive Web Apps

React App Development We build cross-platform mobile apps with React and JavaScript. This service provides our clients with native apps for iOS, Android or Windows operating systems that are run natively on devices with them. Advantages:
  • Known for good performance quality
  • Easy to support due to large community of developers
  • Cost effective
Progressive web app PWAs effectively bridge the gap between mobile apps and websites, offering the best of both experiences. Advantages:
  • Working offline
  • App-like performance
  • Improved page speed
Build a Mobile App

Why choose us

  • 10+ years of experience Mobile and Web Apps development
  • 96 projects developed Web, iOS, Android
  • 102 full-time experienced IT specialistst
  • 63 clients served in 14 countries

Mobile Apps we’ve built

Mediafast overview The application is based on Habits Tracking (Weight Management, Sleep, Motion, Food, Hydration, Steps etc)The key functionality includes the following:
  • habits tracking
  • habits overview
  • integration with Apple Health and Google fit
  • daily, weekly reminders, alerts, notifications
  • progress tracking etc
App connected with Google Fit and Apple Health for specific users.
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