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EdTech Startups
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Value we deliver
Scale E-learning product with us Smoothly integrate experienced in learning portals development IT specialists for Back-end, Front-end tasks implementation to help product’s scale
Develop LMS from scratch with more than 10 years of experience in E-learning dedicated team of IT specialists. Full product development cycle: starting from idea design and prototyping, moving to development and further support of the application built.
Customize plugins, develop new features or custom LMS from scratch using our knowledge of E-learning services company. Upgrade your LMS software with up-to-date features that will meet up-to-date online user expectations

Why developing
e-learning solutions

E-learning industry shows 900% growth since 2000
With e-learning people learn 5 times more material in the same time period
Mobile, Сloud, Social, Big Data are impacting the e-learning demand
26% higher revenue generated per employee when online training are offered

Expertise We Offer

E-learning management systems
MOODLE LMS and plugins
SCORM courses
Mobile applications and e-learning websites

E-learning project

Challenge It is a web-based system for automation of schools administration process. It manages issues related to a school's administrative information, pupil's personal information, teacher's, personal information, full educational cycle.
    Sokrates has intelligible user's interface which is logically aggregated in school-year phases. Today it is strongly-involved in Austrian educational process.
      gambassa lms development case of academy smart
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      Technologies we use

      At Academy Smart, our Java Senior backend developers employ
      common and renowned Java-compatible tools, such as:

      E-learning Solutions Development Process

      3 steps from Initial Idea to App Release, ensure our team’s performance and productivity in every type of project.
      Define the goal
      • Discuss product’s idea
      • Define the scope of work
      • Build a team
      • Create UX wireframes
      • Design User Interface
      • Apply SCRUM methodology
      • Present every 2 weeks what’s been developed
      • Perform quality assurance testing
      • Migrate to “Live” server
      • Get users feedback
      • Develop additional features if necessary

      Why choose us

      • 10+ years of experience Mobile and Web Apps development
      • 96 projects developed Web, iOS, Android
      • 102 full-time experienced IT specialists
      • 63 clients served in 14 countries
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