Is “Cost-effective and secure scaling”
a part of your company’s digital transformation?
By 2023 worldwide the public cloud service market is expected to reach $623.3 billion
Managing your own cloud-based project is a sure way to attract a huge number of interested users, not only due to the basic efficiency of the technology but also purely out of popularity.
45% of enterprises prefer the hybrid cloud solutions

Cloud services we offer

  • Devops services outstaffing it is a collaboration between the Dev, Ops and QA teams, removing a bunch of day-to-day tasks and tools, and replacing them with innovative, cross-functional and highly productive IT engineers
  • CI/CD services we make sure the source code is delivered to the production environment as often as possible and released without any issues
  • Serverless applications we build reliable, scalable and secure cloud infrastructures for serverless apps and ensure your apps are updated seamlessly
  • Business analytics in-depth cloud monitoring, logging and Big Data analytics

Why Go for

  • 1 Cost-efficiency — the ultimate advantage of cloud storage or hosting is that you pay only for space you use when you use it - no hidden costs, no sudden budget bumps in your project life cycle;
  • 2 High speed of performance — cloud is really fast when it comes to both regular use (which depends a lot on the Internet connection) and deployment of newly-created solutions;
  • 3 Competitive advantage — on top of making you and your users faster, cloud also gives you flexibility over competitors that chose to neglect it - you get to access important software in a few clicks;
  • 4 Automated integrations — there is no need to bother with manual software integrations, all that is conveniently automated when it comes to cloud;
  • 5 Handy backups — forget about the risks of losing corporate data due to hardware failures; once it is stored in cloud, it won’t go anywhere else and will be regularly backed up;
  • 6 High reliability — with centralized cloud-based storage for important data and other business features working through cloud, your services become more reliable overall;
  • 7 No space limits — another major advantage of cloud is that it offers practically unlimited storing capacity so you don’t have to worry about memory shortages;
  • 8 Mobility — cloud-based solutions can be easily accessed remotely from any type of devices at any time, which helps employees always stay up to date;
  • 9 Collaborative capabilities — cloud features serve perfectly for the deployment of in-house or public business collaboration systems, providing centralized digital space available at any time;
  • 10 Advanced security — cloud developments are based on a range of special security policies and measures that make it utterly complex to hack and breach such systems.

Cloud based project we’ve built

Boating An e-learning platform for simple and focused education both online and in the classroom, with virtual classrooms, a range of online courses, learning materials, etc. It was a formidable task for us to perfect the LMS system of Gambassa, which we handled decently and made the solution better overall.
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Migrate to Cloud with us

  • 10+ years of experience Mobile and Web Apps development
  • 96 projects developed Web, iOS, Android
  • 102 full-time experienced IT specialistst
  • 63 clients served in 14 countries
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