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solutions development

Our Clients
Travel Tech startups
Travel Agents
Travel and Mobility operators
Value we deliver
Develope MVP or scale tech product by integrating remote IT professional or dedicated team into client’s team.
Improve online presence by custom mobile application or progressive web application development.
Develop online booking system from scratch or improve existing system with customized new features.

Travel and Mobility
Tech Industry trends

Thousands of startups around the globe are working on innovative solutions
that make travel more efficient, frictionless and interconnected.
65% of travel bookings are made online.
Travel-related searches have grown over 150% on mobile, over the past two years.
62% of Generation Z and millennial consumers want visual search over any other new technology.
Over 60% of travellers rate being able to book a hotel on a travel app as important.

Travel and Mobility
projects examples

Boat Rental Web platform developed from scratch that is created for booking boats, yachts, everything that walks on water with the ability to pay via PayPal, Mango
    We’ve developed architecture and main features:
    • Booking management system that allows skippers and boat charter companies to manage their booking requests and get accurate information in less than 24 working hours;
    • Instant booking confirmation via email and SMS;
    • Secure payment system integration
    boatrental web app development case of academy smart
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    Travel Software Services We Offer

    Booking systems
    Urban mobility apps (e.g. car-sharing)
    Tourism and hospitality
    Web and mobile applications
    Travel support tools (e.g. virtual assistants)
    Travel-related data analytics tools
    Corporate travel mobile applications and websites

    Technologies we use

    At Academy Smart, our Java Senior backend developers employ
    common and renowned Java-compatible tools, such as:

    How we deliver Travel and Mobility
    Solutions Development Services

    3 steps from Initial Idea to App Release, ensure our team’s performance and productivity in every type of project.
    Define the goal
    • Discuss product’s idea
    • Define the scope of work
    • Build a team
    • Create UX wireframes
    • Design User Interface
    • Apply SCRUM methodology
    • Present every 2 weeks what’s been developed
    • Perform quality assurance testing
    • Migrate to “Live” server
    • Get users feedback
    • Develop additional features if necessary

    Why choose us

    • 10+ years of experience Mobile and Web Apps development
    • 96 projects developed Web, iOS, Android
    • 102 full-time experienced IT specialists
    • 63 clients served in 14 countries
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