Academy Smart is named a Top global developer and IT services provider in 2020 by

08.12.20 3 min to read

For many small and medium-sized businesses, 2020 has been challenging due to the pandemic COVID-2019. It was easier for large companies to stay afloat with their capital, but this required innovative solutions and improved digital technologies.

Areas such as E-learning and Cloud computing have reached their peak in IT development, and Academy Smart team has worked very hard to improve the skills in this area throughout the year. Therefore, the new Global Award from is a great and worthy reward for our efforts in 2020.

Academy Smart IT Company is a Top Global Developer and IT Services Provider in 2020 according to the official announcement from! Joy, happiness, fireworks to our IT-family of professional developers and big thanks to our Clients in EU and other countries, Business partners in Israel, Austria and the USA for their trust!

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Let’s summarize some of the results of our fruitful work in 2020:

  1. Our dedicated team continues to develop cloud-based project Cloudyn ( ).
  2. We are working on a great Learning Management Solution project 2LNR4 with our Dutch Client ( ). It’s a training system deployed on Amazon servers.
  3. We are awarded as one of the highest-ranking IT and business services companies in Ukraine by
  4. We have upgraded Academy Smart Brand and established positioning strategy ( ): new corporate style and launch of new website ( ) with user-friendly interface, up-to-date case studies, and projects portfolio, clients testimonials, blog with articles and company news.
  5. We  have launched a new online project – Academy Smart: Business Decoding a series of interviews with our Clients, Business partners and Academy Smart IT Company team members
  6. We have launched a new project – a series of Academy Smart WHITEPAPERS The aim of the project is to provide our current and potential clients with high quality expertise in IT solutions development.
  7. Academy Smart client Iguazio raised $24 million for AI development and management tools. We are proud to be a part of their success by providing IT Staff augmentation services.
  8. We are actively developing our social networks with up-to-date news, expert advices and tech case studies:

As our Netherlands based client Alain Rees said about cooperation with Academy Smart IT Company:

“What we find most impressive is that they always think with you to create the best  possible product.”

We are ready to provide you with unique Web, Mobile and Cloud services for your business right away and DEVELOP SMART tech solutions together. There is no time to wait! Share your challenges with us [email protected] ❤️

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