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Comm-IT is a software and systems development services house in Israel, that develops software, IT and communication solutions for its customers since 2005. Comm-IT development areas include:

  • Mobile development services
  • IoT
  • Big Data
  • Communication solutions and other applications
  • Embedded systems and IoT devices
  • Cloud solutions
  • Cyber and security solutions
  • Advanced algorithms for AI
  • Media and interactive platforms and more.

Comm-IT has led over 1,200 projects for more than 1,000 organizations, manufacturers, start-ups and government institutions in Israel, US, Europe and Israel.
The company is divided into three divisions:

  1. The Technology Division
  2. The Software Division
  3. The Embedded division

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Now CommIT’s team is looking for an Experienced & Enthusiastic DevOps Engineer. The candidate will be responsible for creation/implementation of automated solutions.

The candidate will be supporting the development of new features by writing scripts for automation using 1 or more of these tools: Perl/Python/Groovy/Java/Bash/C#/C++.

The candidate shall be able to install and automate applications/ services on virtual servers as well as docker containers.

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