How to hire a Java developer: 5 tips to help you find the best specialists

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“3 billion devices run Java” is a phrase proudly placed on Oracle’s JRE software installer that any present-day PC user has seen at least once. This short sentence states the universality, convenience, security, and high market demand for Java-based technologies.

Indeed, the solutions provided by the Java software development environment have proven to be an effective and reliable tool for creating applications of any level of complexity. And despite their age, not only they haven’t lost their relevance, but an organized and proactive professional community is actively developing them.

This article will take a detailed look at what software products Java programming is used today and how. You will also learn what knowledge a Java developer should have and how to hire a perfect specialist quickly and for a good price.

Why consider Java developers to hire

What has caused Java-based technologies to spread so widely and almost everywhere?

First, Java is a specific language that uses virtual machine technology to execute its code. Despite the larger amount of memory needed for computing, this solution has one significant advantage: the code written in Java is cross-platform. In other words, a Java program is written only once and is correctly executed on all devices for which suitable Java virtual machines exist. It significantly reduces the time and costs of software development and adaptation for different platforms (desktop, web, and mobile).

Furthermore, Java is a general-purpose language that finds application in almost all spheres of the modern IT industry. Java is used to develop the back-end of:

  • web sites and web apps;
  • desktop applications;
  • mobile apps;
  • console software;
  • software for microcontrollers and “smart” devices;
  • cloud services (Iaas, PaaS, SaaS);
  • various data management systems (CMS, CRM, WRP, PIM, ERP, etc.);
  • video games;
  • artificial intelligence and machine learning systems.

It is not surprising that the Java programming language steadily holds its position at the top of the most popular languages among programmers and the most demanded skills on the market.

At the moment, there are several main platforms for Java software development, covering a definite range of technical requirements for projects of different levels of complexity:

  • Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE) for engineering comprehensive and scalable enterprise-level software;
  • Java Standard Edition (Java SE) with compilers, Java Runtime Environment, and APIs for creating custom, mostly desktop applications;
  • Java Micro Edition (Java ME) for devices with limited processing power, such as cell phones, PDAs, and embedded systems;
  • Java Card – for applications running on smart cards and other devices with minimal processing power;
  • JavaFX – to develop desktop and web applications with a rich graphical interface.

With this variety of engineering development environments, Java applications are being designed for almost every industry: management, industrial software, finance, analytics, commerce, logistics, medical, services, and entertainment. Giants such as Google, Microsoft, Meta, and Netflix actively use Java development to run their cloud services and popular web applications with many users, such as Youtube, Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, and Netflix streaming service.

If you need a reliable, cross-platform, scalable application with a high level of protection, you should include Java in your tech stack and recruit competent developers.

Skills for Java developers

Like other back-end programmers, whose specifics of employment we’ve covered in the article “How to hire a software developer in 2023” earlier, the Java developer:

  • writes code, creating the internal software architecture, and synchronizing it with the database;
  • tests the code, eliminating bugs;
  • integrates APIs, etc.

Experienced senior Java programmers make responsible technical decisions regarding development details and manage the development process.

The particulars of the Java development environment require the coder to have a confident command of specialized technical tools, which must also be known and understood by the customer to hire the right person. Below we will look at the basic hard and soft skills Java developers need to perform their duties effectively.

the most Java programmer skills 2023
Variety of Java developer skills

Essential hard skills for Java programmers

What professional knowledge and development tools should a good Java coder have mastered?

Mastery of the standard Java SE development platform (Java Core)

This skill involves:

  • the ability to apply object-oriented programming concepts (OOPs), linking data and functions to create clean, stable, and secure code;
  • the ability to create and effectively use design patterns;
  • practical use of serialization concepts to enable cross-platform code portability.

Working with the enterprise Java EE platform

Skill in creating server-side applications for complex software using JavaServer Pages, Servlet APIs, and JavaBeans components.

Knowledge of Java Build Tools

This skill entails familiarity with automated tools for building projects from source code. Knowledge of Maven or Gradle systems is often required depending on the tasks faced by developers.

Working with Frameworks

To effectively develop various applications and solve some technical issues, a Java programmer should be able to use specialized frameworks. The most famous and popular of them are:

  • universal framework Spring, which is designed to create a variety of applications on the enterprise platform and includes modules Spring Core, Spring MVC, Spring ORM, Spring Security, etc.;
  • Struts2 framework for developing enterprise solutions;
  • Blade framework for full-stack web development in Java;
  • Play framework for building high-performance web applications;
  • Vaadin framework for developing Rich Internet applications (RIA);
  • JSF framework for creating component-oriented user interfaces of web apps.

Operating with Java Application Containers

Ability to run and configure Java application servers such as Jetty, WebLogic, WebSphere or WildFly.

Proficiency in ORM technology

Skills in operating relational and non-relational databases, including mastering with Java Persistence API, OpenJPA or Hibernates.

Knowledge of Java testing tools

Testing program code with tools like TestNG, JUnit and Selenium and fixing bugs afterwards.

Of course, more specific tasks like cloud services integration, big data science or neural network training require expertise in additional areas.

Crucial soft skills for Java developer

When hiring a Java developer, you must be sure that he is a good team player, attentive to the needs of the client and the opinions of other team members. Of course, he should have high communication skills and a good command of English, so mutual understanding does not suffer.

The ability to self-organize and work discipline is also essential. Then you can be sure that the developer’s carelessness will not disrupt the deadline.

A true Java programmer is a creative person who likes to learn innovative and effective ways of solving problems and is open to everything new.

Java developers at Academy Smart meet all the above requirements. It’s easy to ensure that if you see the results of our work.

robotic mini-load asrs case
Machine learning-based enterprise app developed by Academy Smart’s team

How to hire a Java developer: 5 tips

Recruiting professional Java developers to create a project of any level of complexity is a challenging and responsible task. Firstly, it requires technical expertise in Java development. Secondly, it is time-consuming because talented developers do not sit idle: you have to find them and get them interested in participating in your project. Otherwise, you greatly risk getting a weak specialist with high fee expectations, and wasting time, money, and nerves. To avoid this, you should have a strategy to determine how to find java developers that are needed specifically in your case.

1. Specify the technical requirements of your technology stack

As you may have seen above, Java programmers’ skills are quite different. Therefore, it is right to start your search for the appropriate specialists by analyzing your project’s goals and correctly selecting the technology stack that is capable of solving them. Understanding that the optimal tech stack predetermines fast and quality development is crucial and saves time and costly material resources.

If you find it difficult to refine the project specification on your own, ask for help. Academy Smart’s leading Java engineers will give you in-depth and inexpensive advice on how to build an adequate foundation for your success.

2. Determine the essential hard skills level of a programmer

By choosing the right platform, you get an overview of the professional skills and the level that programmers need to be valuable to your business. Knowing the list of required basic knowledge and other technologies that would be a significant strength for the candidate, you will consider their resumes in a more meaningful and productive way. And if you need professional help assessing the level of Java programmers’ expertise for your project, Academy’s Smart recruiters will be glad to meet you and clarify your needs.

3. Choose the optimal cooperation model

Once you know who and for what purpose you want to hire, you have to decide where to find Java developers with the expertise you defined. It’s an equally challenging choice, as you have many options available, and you need to weigh the pros and cons of each.

First of all, figure out whether you need full-time or remote employees. The best solution may seem to select outsourced software development, but that’s not always the case.

Do you trust freelance developers or prefer a partnership agreement with a professional IT company with mutual guarantees? Do you need a specific specialist or a dedicated team of experienced developers? Should the programmers be native only, or do you see the distinct advantages of collaborating with offshore Java developers?

Our feature article, Outsourcing vs Outstaffing: What To Choose, will help you to understand all the nuances of this complicated decision.

4. Develop a strategy for testing expertise at an interview

Next, you must consider how to test the hard skills of applicants against your defined criteria. It should be both verbal questions and practical assignments for technical talent screening. If you don’t have the necessary engineering background, you should secure the assistance of a competent Java programmer.

Also, contemplate how you will get a soft skills demonstration of programmers to assess whether they are a good match for your team. Of course, you can use the services of IT recruiting professionals, which Academy Smart does, and trust them to select the best candidates.

5. Search with professionals

How to hire a Java developer so you won’t regret it? The best guarantee of recruiting a good specialist is to search among professionals. Look for talent where it is most common – in the Java developer community, on GitHub or LinkedIn, on Upwork or Clutch, or in companies that develop custom software and employ Java programmers on their staff.

How Academy SMART provides you with hiring Java expert

Our company develops complex custom software solutions, often using the Java platform as the basis of the technology stack for enterprise applications. To fulfill our responsibilities to customers in the best possible way, we take great pains to find and hire qualified programmers. Their high professional skills, responsible attitude to labor, and care for client needs allow us to create excellent software products, which you can see below, and help our partners to overcome their challenges.

With our help, you won’t have to waste time and effort to find the best coders for your project. You won’t need to proofread hundreds of resumes and interview dozens of applicants. You will not need to deal with staffing routines, the arrangement of workplaces, and payment issues. With our assistance, you’ll be able to focus directly on your business goals by entrusting software development to professionals. Let’s talk, and you’ll learn more about why working with Academy Smart IT agency will be beneficial for you.

Hire Java developer: Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to hire a Java developer?

On average, the services of a Java developer from Ukraine will cost you $30-60 per hour, depending on the skill level. With full outstaffers recruitment service and organization of their workflow.

Will Java be in-demand in future?

The stability and security of applications developed on the Java platform are the best proof of the high demand for this technology in the future in various areas of the IT industry.

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