How to hire a Python developer: 6 best tips

18.01.23 11 min to read

Modern businesses have to be on the cutting edge of technology to compete. Suppose your company needs to implement an online solution that requires a file sharing, cloud storage, or data science platform, so you may require Python development. Once you have projects to develop, the time has come to hire appropriate developers. But on the other hand, having devs onboard isn’t enough to be sure that your project will succeed if your hiring process is surface.

Searching for great Python programmers is a challenging task. It may take months of screening and interviewing numerous candidates before you can find the best ones. This article is about a methodology to hire competent and experienced Python developers that may help your business grow.

What is a Python developer

Python is an object-oriented programming language considered one of the world’s fastest-growing and most powerful languages and focuses on code readability. Python is used in many different areas, including general-purpose programming, server-side web development, desktop applications, networking and web applications, game development. IEEE Spectrum has included it in a top 5 programming language, and also it is the most loved language among Stack Overflow users. Many companies use Python as their primary programming language because it is powerful and simple. Python’s syntax is relatively clean, making it easy to maintain and change existing code.

What is a python developer? A Python coder is a software engineer that builds and maintains applications using the popular programming language Python. A Python developer builds, improves, and supports software for companies using the programming language. In addition to writing code, a Python programmer will help manage projects, resolve bugs, and train fellow staff members.

Why consider a Python developer for your project

Python is a well-known scripting language used for many purposes, from creating web applications to building command-line tools. There are many reasons why Python developers are needed in the IT industry at present and in the future. So if you are looking for a programming language to develop your custom application, then it may be better to choose Python over others because of its flexibility and functionality. Python has an algorithmic syntax, which is very simple and easy to learn. It also allows developers to write codes that are readable by anyone, especially beginners. Due to this reason, Python is among the most preferred options for back-end developers and an additional language for programmers of other profiles.

Python is a powerful, flexible programming language that has a wide variety of real-world applications. It’s used in many different industries and isn’t limited to just web development; it also works great for scientific computing, artificial intelligence, data analysis, machine learning, and much more. Python allows developers to understand and visualize even complex data quickly. Python has many open-source libraries that don’t require writing software from scratch, saving your time and money with pre-written code. It makes Python ideal for MVP and prototyping projects. Whether you are creating your software or seeking help with an existing project, hiring a Python developer is wise. You can find out more about how to hire the best software developer for your business in articles earlier on the blog.

Skills for Python developers

What are the primary responsibilities of a Python dev on a project? A programmer must understand the purpose of a project and how to make it attractive and valuable to users. He should be able to define feature requests that will provide a great user experience and develop internal components that can improve project performance and make server-side logic robust. A Python engineer should also design high-availability, low-latency applications with data protection features. A developer should understand performance testing and software automation techniques. He is responsible for testing and debugging software using tools such as PyUnit, Pytest, or Behave.

Python programmer’s soft skills

A Python developer is expected to work within a team, understand the project’s overall needs and provide effective solutions. He has to communicate clearly and effectively with all team members so that everyone has explicit knowledge of what is being done. When meeting with clients or other developers, it’s essential to have strong communication skills, which include being polite and respectful while still being confident and professional. It’s also important to have proficiency in English so that he can write precise code specifications and maintain proper documentation standards throughout your project. A successful Python developer will also be constantly learning new and growing himself.

Python developer’s hard skills

Of course, the specialization of a Python coder and the level of his experience significantly affect the background of knowledge and available technologies for performing professional duties. However, if you plan to hire an experienced Python programmer and not a self-taught newbie, he should demonstrate to you solid expertise in the following:

  • complete knowledge of the Python language syntax, including the actual version, and understanding of various programming styles in it;
  • mastery of popular Python frameworks (Django, Flask, Pyramid, Bottle, Tornado, Web2Py, etc.);
  • design, development, and testing of secure server applications with complex logic, software solutions for handling big data, and e-commerce platforms;
  • experience with various server operating systems, database types, and cloud computing platforms such as AWS, Google Cloud, or Azure;
  • knowledge of multiple data visualization tools (SQL, Qlik, SAS, Tableau) and big data technologies (Scala, Spark, HDFS, Hive, Pig);
  • acquaintance with technologies for developing interfaces for web applications.

where to use python
Areas of demand for Python devs

Where to find Python developers

The profession of Python programming is quite common, so you have many opportunities to find Python developers using various hiring methods. You can advertise on local ads platforms, ask friends for recommendations, or delegate the search for a suitable specialist to professional recruiters. Of course, you should first understand whether you need a full-time programmer and all the additional costs associated with organizing his workflow or whether you are interested in remote collaboration, which is often cheaper with equal efficiency.


Freelance platforms such as Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, or Codementor are popular ways to connect customers with competent Python developers. Usually, you need to publish the specification and outline the competency criteria for freelance performers. Specialists and teams of programmers interested in the work and confident in their abilities will offer you their services. You will only have to choose the best devs and clarify the parameters of cooperation and payment for the order. At the same time, the freelance platform ensures the safety of your money from fraud by performers since they receive payment for the work only after you confirm its completion. On the other hand, without a technical background, it will be difficult for you to assess the quality of the work performed. In addition, you may experience missed deadlines due to lax freelance discipline or sudden rejections of your assignment.


Outsourcing is a very convenient model of cooperation for the customer. By delegating software development to outsourcers, the client receives a finished product without any effort except for paying for the services of a dedicated team. Yes, after agreeing on the project task, the customer practically doesn’t interfere in the development process, periodically receiving reports from the project manager on the current state of work. On the other hand, outsourcers take care of hiring decent Python developers and take full responsibility for delivering the project on time. Of course, there are development teams of different strengths. In order not to regret your choice in the future, you should carefully study the reviews of previous clients of their services on special review platforms like Clutch, Good Firms or IT Firms and earlier cases of applicants.


The outstaffing service allows you to expand your staff with tenanted devs of the required qualification. In other words, if you need to find a good Python programmer, you ask an outstaffing agency to offer you candidates pre-selected by professional IT recruiters from their staff. You use the services of an outstaff developer for as long as you need it, or you can change him to another, more suitable one. As a rule, the employees offered by the outstaffing company have a lot of experience and extensive expertise, so their services can be more expensive than those of freelancers. On the other hand, you get solid professionals and strong team players who are guaranteed to make your project better and faster than most random people in the market, thus saving you time and money. Why else leaving software development to professionals is the best solution, read the article Outsourcing vs Outstaffing: What To Choose.

How to hire best Python developers: 6 tips

Having been engaged in the search and hiring of programmers for over 13 years, we can confidently say that recruiting a good specialist is a complex and costly undertaking. Below you will find some practical tips to help you make hiring Python developers more organized and safe.

1. Follow the product roadmap and specifications

It is essential to understand that programming skills are just a tool that allows you to get closer to your goals. When considering applications for your job and resumes of Python devs, pay attention not only to regalia, but also to their previous experience. First of all, you should be guided by the requirements of the industry and the tech stack of your project to the level of developer competencies. Of course, you will be interested in programmers with expertise in your business area and the necessary knowledge of current technologies. Second, consider the variety of previous experiences. The more diverse tasks and team roles a programmer has in the past, the faster he adapts to the conditions of your project.

2. Be as specific as possible in your job posting

Don’t skimp on words when you’re creating a job posting. The more detailed the message is, articulating the required skills and knowledge, experience in the profession, the scope of the project, and the conditions for cooperation, the higher the likelihood of interest from your target audience. Remember that professionals love specifics and often don’t respond to generic formulations.

3. Prefer active search for programmers

If you advertise only in the local newspaper, finding the right Python developer can take a long time. Therefore, you shouldn’t limit yourself to a few channels to attract specialists. Consider the possibility of remote cooperation with offshore development teams from countries close to you in labor culture values. Visit a professional conference or Python developer communities on LinkedIn or GitHub. Contact recruiters or, more effectively, a professional IT company, which is guaranteed to have specialists ready to help you.

4. Save on development costs with experienced Python devs

An experienced programmer will get the job done quickly and accurately, producing clean and readable code that doesn’t need to be rewritten. Even if the hourly rate of a more experienced specialist is above average, objectively his services cost less on the scale of the development of the entire project than if amateurs worked on it. In addition, Python developers with great expertise can add value to a product by coming up with unexpected, bold, and profitable technical solutions that will unexpectedly save the development budget and bring benefits down the road.

5. Form your project team

Take care of the formation of a team spirit, interest in the product and its development, and dedication to a common cause among your programmers. Inform developers about the success of your joint efforts, praise and reward them for achievements and creating cool features, and help overcome difficulties. This way, you will establish yourself as an employer with whom they want to collaborate for a long time. And it can help attract more and more talented developers to your project.

6. Avoid common mistakes in hiring Python programmers

To ensure that your search for a good Python developer is successful, avoid these common mistakes:

  1. Superficial assessment of professional skills
    Only another equally experienced Python developer can appreciate a Python programmer’s technical abilities. It’s great if you can do it yourself. Otherwise, technical screening should be entrusted to a specialist. And if you don’t have one at your disposal, you should hire him at least for the interview.
  2. Underestimating the value of soft skills
    Everyone knows that an unscrupulous and toxic person can upset the balance of even the most cohesive team. And since you’re interested in a Python developer helping you find solutions to problems rather than creating them, his personal qualities should also be considered. You can always contact his previous employers and find out how he performed in business himself earlier, and compare this with your impression of the interview and his resume.
  3. Betting on passive recruiting
    If you are only waiting for a response to your vacancy and are not actively looking for programmers on various platforms, you are likely to miss the opportunity to find the best one. High-class Python specialists always have work, and it is infrequent for them to look for it independently. Since they receive offers from recruiters by email almost every day, they can afford to choose the payment for the work and the interest in the project and challenges. And finally, good specialists prefer to work in the company of the same pros, so if you ignore professional software development firms, you can miss out on many talents. Here, for example, is a presentation of the delivered works by the Academy Smart agency, which were also carried out with the participation of our Python programmers.

Why hire a Python developer with Academy SMART

Academy Smart provides full-stack custom software development services in various areas. Therefore, if your project requires the participation of experienced back-end Python developers, data scientists and ML / AI, etc., you can quickly recruit engineers of that profile in our company. Working with us, you won’t need to deal with the arrangement of workplaces for programmers, accounting routines, and taxation issues. We have already found, carefully selected, and employed great specialists who can become part of your team or perform turnkey software development at the perfect price of the offshore provider. Here is just one of the many cases completed by Python programmers of our team.

web app for management
Web application with Python-driven features

Our clients get the best benefits of cooperation with a professional outstaffing agency:

  • quick access to a large number of highly qualified IT specialists;
  • savings on the maintenance of staff and training of employees;
  • services of individual specialists and dedicated development teams;
  • European service level from a reliable Ukrainian provider at a low price.

Get in touch with the Academy Smart team to unlock the full potential of your project.

Hire Python developer: Frequently Asked Questions

How do I hire a Python programmer?

To hire a Python developer, you need to determine the requirements for his expertise according to the project specification. Then you need to find a suitable specialist in the freelance market or in an outstaffing company.

How much does it cost to hire Python developers?

The average hourly rate of a Python programmer, depending on the level of expertise and location, can be $25-100. At Academy Smart, a Python developer’s hour is $30-60.