Attentional Leadership Institute wanted to provide exceptional user experience with a superior system for assessing personal strengths and weaknesses.
Working with Academy SMART, the company rewrote the system’s front-end using Angular, improving documentation and resolving legacy code issues.
Attentional Leadership Institute enhanced user engagement, streamlined operations, and set a foundation for sustainable growth and scalability.

Attentional Leadership Institute provides tools and systems for personal assessment and goal achievement. The company's unique approach integrates detailed self-evaluation with actionable goal-setting frameworks. It enables users to understand their strengths and weaknesses effectively and achieve their personal and professional objectives.

Professional Training and Coaching

Primary Objectives

Enhance user engagement and satisfaction: The company aims to captivate users through a superior user interface and experience, ensuring they find the platform intuitive, engaging, and rewarding. It involves continuous improvements in design and functionality to keep users motivated and invested in their personal development.

Streamline internal operations: Effectively address legacy code issues and optimize server configurations to ensure system stability and security. Establish robust documentation and processes to facilitate smooth, reliable operations. It will allow the Institute to provide a seamless user experience while maintaining operational efficiency.

Set a foundation for future growth: The company is committed to future-proofing its platform with scalable and maintainable solutions. It involves adopting modern technologies and best practices in software development, enabling the platform to evolve and adapt to new requirements and opportunities. The Institute can support long-term growth and sustainability by building a flexible and resilient infrastructure.

In partnership with Academy SMART, the Attentional Leadership Institute entirely rebuilt and redesigned the personal assessment system, improving user engagement, operations, and scalability.