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Secure, Flexible and
All-Around Better in Cloud

Cloud computing provoked a real paradigm shift in the world of IT and business at once. Modern cloud technologies help to save costs, make important data unattainable for hackers, and forget about any “running out of space” issues.

In particular, we provide cloud development expertise to help you acquire reliable solutions such as:

Regular and cryptocurrency e-wallets Regular and cryptocurrency e-wallets
like PayPal
Workflow collaboration tools Workflow collaboration tools
like Slack and Trello
Accounting and invoicing solutions Accounting and invoicing solutions
like Wave
File storage solutions File storage solutions
like Google Drive
Online streaming platforms Online streaming platforms
like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime
Virtual assistants and chatbots Virtual assistants and chatbots
like Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant

Cloud Serverless
Application Development

Academy Smart is among the top software and devops companies in Ukraine to provide high-quality cloud-based remote services created by true passionate professionals. We focus on outstaffing and set up individual teams to fit the specifics of particular projects.

Get a dedicated team with qualified specialists selected especially to meet all of your needs and requirements for your future user-demanded cloud solution. In particular, we offer:

Cloud migration services Cloud migration services
Cloud infrastructure Cloud infrastructure
Big Data applications Big Data applications
Serverless applications Serverless applications
Devops services Devops services
Tech consulting Tech consulting

Having difficulties wrapping your head around all the “cloud tech talk”?

We have cloud development aces that will direct you and clarify every tiny nuance considering the technology.

Why Go for

  • 1 Cost-efficiency — the ultimate advantage of cloud storage or hosting is that you pay only for space you use when you use it - no hidden costs, no sudden budget bumps in your project life cycle;
  • 2 High speed of performance — cloud is really fast when it comes to both regular use (which depends a lot on the Internet connection) and deployment of newly-created solutions;
  • 3 Competitive advantage — on top of making you and your users faster, cloud also gives you flexibility over competitors that chose to neglect it - you get to access important software in a few clicks;
  • 4 Automated integrations — there is no need to bother with manual software integrations, all that is conveniently automated when it comes to cloud;
  • 5 Handy backups — forget about the risks of losing corporate data due to hardware failures; once it is stored in cloud, it won’t go anywhere else and will be regularly backed up;
  • 6 High reliability — with centralized cloud-based storage for important data and other business features working through cloud, your services become more reliable overall;
  • 7 No space limits — another major advantage of cloud is that it offers practically unlimited storing capacity so you don’t have to worry about memory shortages;
  • 8 Mobility — cloud-based solutions can be easily accessed remotely from any type of devices at any time, which helps employees always stay up to date;
  • 9 Collaborative capabilities — cloud features serve perfectly for the deployment of in-house or public business collaboration systems, providing centralized digital space available at any time;
  • 10 Advanced security — cloud developments are based on a range of special security policies and measures that make it utterly complex to hack and breach such systems.

Cloud Tech Stack

Academy Smart provides top-notch qualified software
specialists to help you implement cloud opportunities via:
Microsoft SQL Server

Cloud projects we’ve developed

Cloudyn overview Cloudyn provides monitoring and management tools to currently enable enterprises to obtain in-depth, accurate private, hybrid and public cloud visibility, management, and optimization across all multi-cloud deployments on one single platform.
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