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In North America alone, .NET is preferred by 56% of enterprises working with or based on the versatile software made with this language.

Microsoft’s open-source platform is a well-tried-and-tested software building powerhouse that is used by far-sighted, established service providers, such as:

These and many other companies use .NET for backend development in a huge scope of projects, including custom:
CRM systems CRM systems
Supply management and logistics software Supply management and logistics software
Accounting platforms Accounting platforms
Inventory software Inventory software
XML web services XML web services
Mobile applications Mobile applications
Storage centralization systems Storage centralization systems
Dynamic web solutions Dynamic web solutions

.NET Development
team augmentation

At Academy Smart, we promptly gather up a team of specialized experts to help you implement a variety of .NET-based software projects. We have a pool of trusted specialists that will be selected individually according to your particular project needs and requirements.

Our .NET Senior backend developers deliver high-performance business apps that help you grow and expand your commercial reach through perfectly optimized software. In particular, we offer:

Cloud software development Cloud software development
Microservices programming Microservices programming
Cross-platform app development Cross-platform app development
Enterprise .NET application development Enterprise .NET application development
.Net server apps implementation .Net server apps implementation

The efficient combination of .NET and Azure Cloud Services allows our specialists to build smoothly-running cloud solutions in no time.

We’ll make your cloud scalable and fast.

Why Go for

Deemed by many as a perfect solution for the creation of business software in the modern realities, .NET is a well-established, powerful framework you should definitely go for. From complex web apps to lightweight websites, .NET helps to get scalable software, enjoying the delivered benefits, such as:

  • 1 Interoperability — seamless, error-free .NET-based software can be created for devices interconnected within an IoT network;
  • 2 Scalability — .NET is just the right choice for implementing and modernizing existing solutions fast and stress-free;
  • 3 Maturity — having been in use by numerous companies in various niches for over 14 years;
  • 4 Safety — the technology has been widely used by various government and high-level enterprise organizations;
  • 5 A vast field of application — combined with handy APIs;
  • 6 Cloud opportunities — inherent compatibility with Azure Cloud Services makes .NET a great choice for implementing secure, stable, all-around accessible cloud solutions;
  • 7 Efficient caching — there is a special system that can be extended on command and is really simple to use;
  • 8 Enormous community — .NET had a fair share of time to acquire a global following comprising millions of users;
  • 9 Object-oriented principles — OOP or object-oriented programming capabilities allow reusing code. which saves lots of time and money in the long run;
  • 10 High accessibility — .NET is completely open-source and cross-platform, running on any existing computer system and working with over 25 coding languages.

.Net tech stack

Academy Smart provides a wide range of profiled .NET
specialists that use the following tools in their work:
Microsoft SQL Server
.NET Entity Framework
.NET Com

.NET Projects We’ve Developed

Challenge The mobile application for Overall Health that allows a user to form healthy habits:
  • Weight Management
  • Sleep
  • Motion
  • Food&Hydration
  • Steps etc.
The key functionality includes the following:
  • habits tracking
  • habits overview
  • integration with Apple Health and Google fit.
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