The Diversity of
Java Application Development

Java provides a great combination of portability and efficiency, opening new horizons for optimized software development.

Using Java for backend development, you get the highest level of accessibility out there at top-notch convenience. That’s why world-leading enterprises use it as their primary tool to create highly demanded:

Cloud-based solutions Cloud-based solutions
like Elasticsearch
Image viewers Image viewers
like Picasso and Fresco
Inspirational newsfeed apps Inspirational newsfeed apps
like Plaid
Instant messengers Instant messengers
like Telegram and Qksms
Crypto wallets Crypto wallets
like Bitcoin Wallet for Android
Weather apps Weather apps
like SeeWeather
Social media apps Social media apps
like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter apps
Media players Media players
like ExoPlayer and VLC media player

Java development
team augmentation

We individually select software engineers to fit your particular project needs and properly integrate newly-formed teams with your existing workflow.

Web app, desktop app or mobile app development - we can gather a team of development aces with in-depth expertise in your particular niche that can handle building an authentic Java application of any kind. In particular, we offer:

Enterprise Java application development Enterprise Java application development
Microservices architecture development Microservices architecture development
Java server apps implementation Java server apps implementation
IoT implementation IoT implementation
Building and integration of Big Data systems Building and integration of Big Data systems

Streamline the further growth and expansion of your whole business with custom IT solutions and data accumulating capacities that can handle extreme amounts of data to be analyzed.

Why Go for

Deemed by many as a perfect solution for the creation of business software in the modern realities, .NET is a well-established, powerful framework you should definitely go for. From complex web apps to lightweight websites, .NET helps to get scalable software, enjoying the delivered benefits, such as:

  • 1 An object-oriented nature - Java-based software can be conveniently built from “blocks” (modules) while the resulting code can be reused in any number of other projects;
  • 2 Platform-independence - the language can be applied in any type of computer system;
  • 3 Cross-functionality & portability - Java apps can easily run in most existing software systems, either mobile, desktop or web;
  • 4 Maturity - Java is a well-developed language that has been significantly improved and optimized by its large dedicated community of users over the years;
  • 5 Security - Java provides a unique approach to securing all project data by isolating any unwanted code in a separate environment;
  • 6 Performance - using simple yet efficient compilation principles, Java-based solutions work faster and smoother than many other types of software;
  • 7 Cloud capabilities - the language offers insightful cloud development capacities as well, helping improve the accessibility and security of software and data;
  • 8 Accelerated time-to-market - choosing Java for work, developers get a guaranteed increase in the efficiency of programming, making the whole project cycle faster;
  • 9 Powerful dev tools - highly-efficient Java development tools include NetBeans and Eclipse SDK with insightful debugging and many other useful capabilities;
  • 10 Ultimate diversity - being a multipurpose coding language from the get-go, Java has also grown to become compatible with Scala, JRuby, Clojure, and Groovy.

Java tech stack

At Academy Smart, our Java Senior backend developers employ common
and renowned Java-compatible tools, such as
Apache Tomcat

Java projects we’ve developed

Cloudyn overview Cloudyn provides monitoring and management tools to currently enable enterprises to obtain in-depth, accurate private, hybrid and public cloud visibility, management, and optimization across all multi-cloud deployments on one single platform.
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