Reliable and uninterrupted web application operation directly depends on the quality of the internal software executed on the server side. Node JS development company Academy Smart offers you to take advantage of server application programming with one of the most productive backend development environments. Our Node.js engineers ensure that your business needs are taken care of, the code is clean, and the cost-efficiency of your development investment is guaranteed.

Our Node JS application development company invites you to take advantage of this framework’s solid server-side logic and easy scalability. This development environment is remarkable in that events determine the execution of programs. In addition, it makes it much easier to implement full-stack software creation using the tools of just one programming language – JavaScript. Therefore, it is no coincidence that the building of Nodejs real-time applications is the basis of development services of Academy Smart.

Node JS Development Services We Provide

Academy Smart provides various server-side Node JS development services, creating and maintaining:

  • Custom Node JS apps;
  • Full-stack enterprise web applications;
  • Node JS API integration;
  • Node JS application migration;
  • Real-time Node JS apps;
  • Mobile Node JS applications;
  • Node JS machine learning apps;
  • Node JS serverless architecture;
  • Node JS microservices;
  • Cloud-based Node JS applications;
  • Node JS IoT apps;
  • Node JS code QA testing;
  • Node JS consulting.

Cooperation Models We Support

Part-time or full-time staff augmentation

You may hire one or more Node JS programmers from the Academy Smart company to work hourly as part of your development team.

Dedicated teams

You may order a complete development team, which we assemble for your project, with a project manager at the head, to perform the day-to-day tasks of your business with a T&M payment model.

Outsourcing turn-key software development

You may use services for outsourcing the development of Node.js-based applications from scratch at a fixed price or on a T&M model for long-term projects.

Node JS Development Process

Exploring your idea

We consider your vision of the product in detail, collect the best tools for its creation and form a step-by-step roadmap for developing your web application with deadlines and budget.

Application design

We create prototypes of the client and internal parts of the software product and conduct detailed user experience testing, making all the necessary changes to improve it.

Application Development

Our Node JS development team creates full-featured back-end software, integrates third-party services, deploys it on the server and the cloud, and conducts rigorous testing and debugging.

Release and subsequent support

Having completed the full range of work on building the application, we release it. In the future, we'll gladly assist in its technical support and future updates when you need Academy Smart’s nodejs development services.

Technology Stack

SQL Server

Benefits Of Our Node JS Development

Individual approach

Each application is unique, as is the business purpose it serves. Therefore, our developers take a customer-centric and customized approach to meet our clients' technical needs fully.

Performance and scalability

Strong expertise in back-end Node JS development allows our company to develop server-side applications, APIs, and real-time and serverless applications flexibly and quickly, ensuring optimal efficiency and the ability to expand coverage and load growth.

Timely delivery

Well-established development processes and effective project management allow us to flexibly manage our workforce and meet our obligations within the approved budget and schedule.

Why Choose Academy SMART?

Five main reasons why you will profit from the services of our Node development company:

  • we have been developing server applications for over 13 years;
  • we create a diverse software application from scratch, with expertise in enterprise full-stack development;
  • more than 100 professionals with multifaceted experience work in our team;
  • we focus on your business goals and guarantee the result;
  • the cost of our services is one of the best in Eastern Europe with their consistently high quality.

The Industries We Specialize In

For customers of our Node JS web development services, our IT-company offer the creation of complex software solutions in the areas of:

  • Enterprise web applications
  • Serverless software apps
  • Health care applications
  • Travel & booking apps
  • e-Learning systems
  • Real estate application

Our Clients

Our Node JS web development company successfully cooperates with clients from Europe, America, and the Middle East. Academy Smart’s partners include eWorks, Cyber Inc, Volidar KG, Cloudyn, Marina Reservation, Car2Go, JFrog, ITsoft, etc.

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What is Node JS and how does it differ from other JavaScript frameworks?

It is a multi-platform programming environment for the creation of server-side JavaScript applications. Unlike most JS frameworks, Node is used for backend web development services.

What kind of applications can be developed using Node JS?

Node is great for web applications with lots of lightweight queries that don't need complex calculations. The Node JS app development company can use it to create instant messengers, online stores, cinemas, social networks, and performant APIs to connect additional features from third-party manufacturers.

What kind of post-project support do you provide?

Academy Smart provides a full range of post-release node js development services: consulting and technical audit of the state, web application technical support, software updates, development and integration of new features, migration to the cloud, etc.
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