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Over 250 million websites of different shapes and purposes were developed using PHP. This already should be a pretty convincing fact in favor of this prominent programming language.

PHP allows for smooth work with HTML, easily integrates with a variety of web frameworks and CMS systems, allowing to efficiently create:

Social media resources Social media resources
like Facebook
Online info portals Online info portals
like Wikipedia
Visual media websites Visual media websites
like Flickr and Tumblr
Email services Email services
like Mailchimp
Online file storages Online file storages
like iStockPhoto
Search engines Search engines
like Yahoo!

PHP development
team augmentation

We gather professional dev teams knowledgeable in the field of modern digital solutions development. A custom team will help you deliver an engaging, high-quality online experience for all users.

We help you focus on the main things without sacrificing neither quality nor budget. In particular, we offer:

Laravel application development services Laravel application development services
ECommerce websites development ECommerce websites development
E-learning software creation E-learning software creation
Networking & social media sites Networking & social media sites
Content & data management systems Content & data management systems
Database software Database software

Hire Academy Smart as your dedicated tech partner and we’ll assemble a team of experts to individually fit your project specifics.

Rest assured that each and every member of your team would be a seasoned veteran of using PHP for backend development.

Why Go for

PHP is a well-established scripting language that is commonly used to enhance web pages of the existing resources or to build high-quality software for different purposes. It is an essential tool in the modern web development area that has been growing and improving over the years since the middle of the 90s to now boast:

  • 1 Open-source nature - no need to depend on a software provider, everything is smooth and simple with PHP, no hidden costs and nuances involved;
  • 2 Overall accessibility - PHP is so clean and organized that your usual project life cycle can be accelerated by 50-100% from the get-go;
  • 3 Platform independence - the language works with any existing operating system, which adds up to its versatility and availability in the time of need;
  • 4 Great database integration - PHP has a separate module that makes it connect to databases as well as to data management systems much faster and simpler;
  • 5 Speedy performance - all PHP-based online resources load faster than others even at the low speed of Internet connection speeds (in big part, due to the mentioned fast database connection);
  • 6 Maturity - although it was officially fully released only in 2017, PHP was initially introduced to the public use back in 1994, which makes it a mature, optimized over time tool;
  • 7 Great support & community - the language gets regular portions of official updates and has a huge worldwide community to help cope with any possible issues and speed things up;
  • 8 Stability - as opposed to many other programming languages, PHP has got many of its functional drawbacks out of the way over the course of its lengthy existence;
  • 9 Optimal testing opportunities - testing PHP-based web solutions is pretty easy and thorough with unit testing which takes neither much time nor effort;
  • 10 Security - PHP frameworks usually provide a good range of out-of-the-box online protection features, helping to efficiently cope with SQL injection, data forgery, and other threats.

PHP Tech Stack

At Academy Smart, we gather top-notch specialists to offer some of the most
efficient yet affordable PHP development services in Ukraine, using tools like:
Yii 2.0

PHP Projects We’ve Developed

BoatRental overview It’s a customer oriented online berth reservation platform that connects boat owners, travellers and boat charter companies with marinas worldwide.
BoatRental is the second software development project that Academy Smart dedicated team worked on with this client.
read full case

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