Convenience, intuitive simplicity, functionality, and security of a web application’s user interface determine its users’ involvement, product satisfaction, and market demand. Company Academy Smart provides React JS development services to create modern, responsive, high-performance web applications that users love and generate revenue for our clients.

React.js differs from other front-end frameworks because it lacks a built-in architectural pattern. That means a React development company can use it with almost any technology stack on which the client’s web application may run. In addition, it’s easy to apply the advantages of this JS-library to create cross-platform native mobile applications, significantly reducing the cost of developing software for Android and iOS.

React is a great tool that allows you to speed up the interaction of your web application with its users and increase their satisfaction with the user experience. The flexibility and versatility of this JavaScript library ensure its applicability in creating various web products that perform a wide variety of functions and services. The most effective web applications are those in which React is utilized to optimize the output of frequently changing data without switching to other pages. That is why React JS is so in demand for the development of single-page and progressive web applications and communication services like online chats or social networks.

React JS Development Services We Provide

Our company provides a full range of front-end React JS and React Native development services.

  • Full-stack web application development
  • Custom enterprise React.js app development
  • SPA and PWA development
  • React.js UI development
  • React Native mobile apps development
  • React.js customization
  • React.js migration
  • Deploying React.js apps in the cloud environment
  • React.js apps support and maintenance

Cooperation Models We Support

We offer two main options for hiring Reactjs programmers from our company for your software development.

Outsourcing project development

Academy Smart studies your business challenges in detail and creates a dedicated team of developers to build your web application within the agreed budget and delivery time. Experienced business analysts, programmers, testers, and responsible and proactive project managers are at your service. Learn more about web development services.

Outstaffing React Developers

You augment the staff of your in-house development team with our React and React Native programmers and manage their workload directly. At the same time, our company solves the administration, salaries, and taxation issues of hired outstaffers that perform React JS services. Get more information about IT outstaffing service.

React JS Development Process

Get in touch with our Reactjs development company to discuss your ideas and business goals.
We conduct a technical exploration of your project and offer an optimal plan for creating a web application, the best engineering tools for its development, and experienced React programmers with the necessary qualifications.
We create a clickable app UI prototype using React.js and other front-end development means and test it.
We create an MVP by connecting the client side of the application and its server side, integrating third-party APIs, conducting QA & security testing, and collecting user experience feedback from the target audience.
We are deploying a fully functional application, conducting final testing and debugging.
By mutual agreement, our company provides post-release support for web applications by the best React JS specialists, design and development of new app's features, and periodic software product updates.

Technology Stack

React JS
React Native

Benefits Of Our React JS Development

The main advantages of choosing to develop your software product on React:


Our engineers use various React components to create flexible and lightweight applications with excellent reactivity. At the same time, this UI library can be used with almost any technology stack. Our team integrates elements of React and React Native with ease, building applications from scratch and modernizing existing ones.


Creating a client-side application with React.js, with the correct companion stack programming elements, is easier and faster than alternative front-end solutions. Our React development company knows how to combine various technology tools so that applications delight your users with their performance.

Cost efficiency

The React.js library is free and open-source software with a large community of passionate developers, allowing you to find optimal client-side solutions for business in various fields of activity. So, React development services allow you to save money and manage your development budget more efficiently.

Why Choose Academy SMART as an
outsourcing React JS development company

  • Practical experience in front-end and full-stack web application development for over 13 years
  • Over 100 professional developers on staff
  • More than 100 successfully delivered software products
  • Neat, clean code
  • Customer-focused project management
  • Quick start of work on the project and its timely delivery
  • Convenient time zone for customers from Europe and America
  • Free communication in English
  • Favorable price from the Reactjs development service provider in Ukraine

The Industries We Specialize In

Enterprise software applications

We design and develop comprehensive inventory, analytics, manufacturing modules, and resource management tools for various business needs. Our React JS development company specializes in creating custom software solutions on any level of complexity.

Data management services development

We re-engineer applications for cloud migration, creating data management utilities and serverless software solutions. Academy Smart has strong expertise in the development of cloud-based Reactjs applications using Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud services.

E-learning systems

We develop multifunctional Learning management systems for educational organizations and corporate training.

Healthcare applications

We create convenient and user-friendly healthcare and fitness applications for professional medical and commercial organizations.

Travel & booking apps

We build and optimize travel, seat reservation, and vehicle rental applications for tourist, logistics and mobility agencies.

Real estate application

We offer the development and optimization of software solutions for the real estate market.

Our Clients

Companies from 14 countries have already entrusted React development service to our team with developing progressive user interfaces for their commercial and corporate software products.

Among them are JFrog, Cloudyn, Car2Go, ITsoft, Cyber Inc, Volidar KG, Marina Reservation, eWorks, etc.

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What is React JS and how can it benefit my business?

React is a JavaScript language library that creates an interactive user interface for web applications. This tool is one of the best front-end development solutions for large web apps with frequently changing data.

How long does it take to develop a website using React JS?

It largely depends on the site structure's complexity and its features' richness. However, developing interfaces with React JS service is noticeably faster than with other front-end frameworks, as this library allows developers to apply various reusable components flexibly.

What kind of support can I expect from a React JS development company after project completion?

After the major release of your web application, you may need help from a Reactjs web development company to maintain and modernize the user interface with the advent of new features, create a cross-platform mobile version based on React Native, or assist in migrating the app to the cloud and more.
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