The customer, Cyber ​​Inc., specializes in behavioral change and knowledge transfer information security, privacy and compliance.

With solutions that actively stimulate learning, they offer a high-quality awareness training program and learning experiences.

Our team has developed custom LMS system that will allow the customer to promote the content and Interactive videos he creates, license the LMS to content resellers and manage the pipeline.

2lrn4 lms, web and mobile interfaces
2lrn4 app, web app interface


Build Learning Management System for interactive videos provider which would be able to support HTML5 and SCORM courses.

Main requirements for the system were as following:

  • Multi tenancy support
  • Security and privacy
  • Users management and administration
  • Gamification etc

Initially, customer had in mind the idea of using Moodle as the main ground for the future LMS system. Considering the challenge of building multi tenant system, and based on the Academy Smart’s team experience in LMS development, we advised the customer that using Moodle as the main technology for such type of LMS system is not the best solution, because multi tenancy functionality is very hard to implement with Moodle.


We had proposed 3 ways of LMS development, explaining pros and cons of each one:

  • Moodle / IOMAD
  • Multi instance architecture (Moodle based)
  • Custom application

After considering all pros and cons of each option, the Client decided to go with the Custom Solution that was developed from scratch.
In order to proceed with LMS development, our IT team has created:

  • Complete specification of the product to be built
  • Project plan with scope of work
  • Design for both web and mobile applications
  • Project timeline


The customer got the fully functioning E-Learning Management System developed from scratch and deployed to Amazon servers.

The following functionality was implemented:

  • Users accounts / roles management / user enrollment
  • Enrollment management
  • SCORM compliance and HTML5 videos support
  • Courses / course categories management / SCORM. Ability to launch videos in SCORM format
  • Integration of Live Webinar Tool (tokbox)
  • Integration of Live Chat Option (mylivechat)
  • Gamification (Badges, points, rewards, levels, Leaderboards)
  • Certification management (by course, by curriculum, certification templates)
  • Multi Language support
  • Assignments (quizzes, tests, surveys)
  • Automatic and custom reports generator (settings, training record maintenance, exporting, automated report scheduling, dashboards)
2lrn4 app, mobile app interface


Alain Rees CEO, Cyber ​​Inc.
Academy Smart team is really in the thinking process which is unusual when you are outsourcing the project. When we send a new batch of features we want to have on our platform, they always come back with feedback including advice for either better performance or costs saving. We have a great Project Manager for 1,5 years and it’s really different from other companies. It really feels that we are working on the same project.
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