The project included web application development, which helps the teachers review, grade, and move student work within the project. This system is intended only for teachers who receive student work on API from the main project.


It was necessary to make a system for teachers from scratch.
The main goals are the automation and convenience of checking, evaluating and saving student work.

The client had a limited budget, so we didn’t have the initial UX
and UI.

The client was able to provide information one by one on modules and blocks.

We started with the .net backend and created the necessary endpoints to connect the react frontend as early as possible and parallelize the work. At the beginning, we created a login page, then
a menu and a footer. After that, we moved on to the internal pages, tabs reports and staff selection.

Due to the well-coordinated work of the team, we managed to understand the entire description without a visual and get into
100% of the client’s expectations.


Develop a React Native web:

  • Create Web application structure;
  • Create Markup of the Application;
  • Create Authentication Profile;
  • Create different management functions;
  • Create sorting, filtering, searching by data.

Develop a .net:

  • Create database and structure;
  • Create logic for saving some data in our database;
  • Create endpoints for Authentication Profile;
  • Create endpoints for different management functions;
  • Create endpoints for sorting, filtering, searching by data.


The application was developed by highly experienced web developers. Having a small fixed budget, our team was able to achieve the goal within the set time limits without sacrificing the quality and productivity of the project.

The teacher can review, grade, and move student work within the project now faster and more convenient.

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