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360 Assessment
Case Study – 360 Assessment


This self-assessment tool allows you rate yourself on multiple questions on multiple dimensions, and get a score on a nice dashboard/result page. You can also compare yourself to 4 defined HR persona on the result page. This dashboard uses the scores and puts them in graphs, and there’s also dynamic content (based on low, mid, or high scores in a certain area).



Initially, it should be an MVP version, informative and intuitive for the User. During the development process, new requirements and improvements arose, and ultimately, we needed to extend the functionality, rebuild the development logic, reconsider the design, and performed two versions of the app.


  • Developed two versions of the app and integrated them with each other;
  • Rebuilt the business logic of the app to make it more scalable and compatible with third-party resources;
  • Implemented new functionality and enhanced existing (based on client’s feedback);
  • Improved the design of the app to embrace more functionality, and made it more convenient for the Users.


We build a fully functional product, with lots of handy and interesting features which covered all the business purposes.


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