Cloudyn provides monitoring and management tools to currently enable enterprises to obtain in-depth, accurate private, hybrid and public cloud visibility, management, and optimization across all multi-cloud deployments on one single platform.

Cloudyn helps businesses that are migrating to the cloud dramatically reduce their cloud costs and bring them under optimum control, increase operational performance, and capitalize on customer choice. In 2017 Microsoft acquired this innovative solution. As a Microsoft partner, Cloudyn has supported cost management for Microsoft Azure and other public clouds, improving cloud efficiency for their customers.

interface of the cloudyn web application, which was updated by academy smart
cloudyn app, ec2 ri type comparison dashboard


Extend existing framework that works with cloud systems public API and integrate it into the system. Add opportunity for customers to create budgets and custom money spending.

At the beginning Cloudyn had integration only with Amazon API system. While growing and getting more customers, company noticed that clients began to use new cloud systems – Azure and OpenStack which were not covered by the existing solution. Clients needed to get their servers analyzed, and what is more important – be given a piece of advice about how to distribute their budgets over the different cloud servers rationally.


Cooperating with Cloudyn development team, we have solved the given problem spending 6 months. Major problem in this situation was that the data structure provided by API of Azure and OpenStack cloud systems did not match the existing data structure of the Cloudyn’s system. So, we had to change existing solution extending initial collector framework, modifying database structure to unify the data collected from the different systems.

Using Spring, Spring Data, and a lot of third party libraries problem was solved. The new module was tested with unit testing and integration test and, as a result, the code coverage was about 80%.


Integrated framework allows working with Google, Azure, Openstack systems now. Customers can benefit money spending optimization recommendations for each of these systems, including private cloud.

Also customers are able to create year and monthly budgets to have full control over their finance. Customers can change their cloud instances using Cloudyn application and avoid using Amazon console.

cloudyn app, ec2 ri type comparison dashboard, front


Sharon Wagner CEO of Cloudyn
This team is working with us almost three years: we started with one remote person and grow our presence to 13 people including the two talented leaders Evegeny Golubov and Vlad Sokol. Over time, this group of great developers helped Cloudyn scale our engineering throughput and significantly contribute to Cloudyn's acquisition by Microsoft.
Israel, Tel Aviv

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