Gambassa is a leading project based Learning Management System. It empowers students and educators to collaborate on projects and capture the results into a personal portfolio. Students can learn through the curriculums, capture their work, and inspire others to do the same.

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gambassa, web app interface


Gambassa strives to provide the users with the full specter of distance learning and certification services. Considering all the tools that Gambassa provides to its customers, team decided that they also need to implement the interaction of their system with other educational platforms via the LTI standard (Learning Tools Interoperability).

Our Client needed to set up the Consumer’s functionality that allows using of the external modules that other learning platforms provide. Consumer must be able to receive the assessments details and results that are passed in the external environment.

After Consumer’s functionality has been implemented, Gambassa needed to fully realize the LTI provider features – the list of its modules, content sending, grading.


To store the external modules list, Academy Smart’s dedicated .NET team extended the data model and integrated the interface to manage this list in GUI.

Communication with the external platforms was implemented in 3 ways:

  • Through standard HTTP handler
  • Web API 2 controllers
  • Through OWIN


Implemented changes allowed the Client’s LMS to use external educating modules of the wide-range e-learning platforms like Moodle.

In order to provide the possibility to receive the marks that students get in the external systems, our team developed Web API Outcomes Controller.

We’ve developed our own version of LTI provider by our own authentication mechanism integration and by implementation of the rest of the interface according to the LTI standard.

LTI provider will also help further disseminate information about Gambassa as a full-featured platform for training and certification.

gambassa, mobile app interface

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