MarinaReservation.com is an online berth booking platform that attracts skippers, explorers and travelers around the world to find, book berths and enjoy the world’s best marinas to stay.

Marina Reservation booking platform is in 4 languages and offers over 2500 marinas with full description of location, points of interest in marinas or in their immediate vicinity, information about the local habits, history, culture, cuisine, festivals, sports and others.

marina reservation app development case of academy smart
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New booking methods development and Mango Pay payment system integration into the existing booking platform. The Client set up the goal to increase the reservations quote, attract new clients from France and other countries. To reach this aim, they decided to implement 4 new pricing/booking methods as well as to integrate improved payment system MangoPay. On the very beginning Marina Reservation system had 2 booking methods implemented:

  • Direct – Client can book the boat or berth directly and has to pay for it immediately.
  • Monitored – Client books the boat or berth, but do not pay for it immediately. The marina’s owner has to review the booking request and approve it. Only after the booking is approved, Client could pay.

The Client requested to add 4 new pricing methods:

  • Square meter – booking depending on the boat/berth type;
  • Up-to – booking depending on the maximum boat/berth length;
  • Length x Beam – booking depending on the boat/beam length x beam ratio;
  • Class Length – booking depending on the boat/berth length interval valid.

And in addition to the above Marina Reservation faced the need to change the payment system from the MobilPay to MangoPay.


Academy Smart team of 5 developers designed the new structure of the Marina Reservation booking system to integrate new pricing methods correctly.

The booking process was:

  • redesigned and divided into 2 parts: booking methods and pricing methods;
  • implemented seasoning model and added facilities parts into new methods;
  • integrated the MangoPay: the system has more complex payment process organization, but at the same time it provides users with more security and adds new options, like money reservation on the customer card within 48 hours, monitored payments etc. New payment system integration also entailed the system’s redesign;
  • redone the front end, Client’s cabinet in order to make the payment process more user friendly and clear.


Customly developed and integrated changes attracted new marina owners from France as well as other countries. The implemented changes increased the berths and boats database for Marina Reservation. At the same time, the number of customers interested in the new facilities had also increased by 11%.

marina reservation app, user interface screenshot 02


Alex Magher Project Manager at MarinaReservation.com
Vlad and his team helped us develop a marketplace with a very clean and modular development code. He has proven his professionalism and has completed our project in time. I recommend the team! His seriousness was a big asset!
Bucharest, Romania

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