The Client’s company from Israel.

Project is aimed to help people that are in love with shooting. In addition, this app is used for ranges that want to normalize their work. This is a complex decision that has mobile and desktop solutions for both ranges and users.

The key functionality includes the following:

  • shooting in the range;
  • overall shooting statistics and metrics;
  • user management;
  • shooting camera integration;
  • user billing and range management.


The challenge was to bring the shooting industry into the 21st century and digitalize the shooting experience. We implemented a complex solution that combines hardware cameras, local servers at shooting ranges, a global server for data synchronization, and an end-user application with snapshots and video history.


  • Local application for ranges;
  • Web application for users;
  • Admin panel for user management and billing;
  • Backend that works closely with each part of the system;
  • Server part that uses AWS and Firebase under the hood;
  • Automatic shot score recognition with camera.


As a result, we built a complex system that fulfils all the requirements and customer needs. This system provides stable and comfortable work for all users and admins. Both clients and admins could use this application for their entertainment and business accordingly (because the system connects users and business).

The shooting industry has effortlessly moved into the 21st century with target vision. The app in many ways has redefined shooting experience with a viewable target camera which is created combining the knowledge of CCTV camera system, component level electronics and a software for shot score recognition. People with a passion for shooting cannot ask for anything more.

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