How Neat Cloud Services Automate Enterprise Workflows

20.12.23 7 min to read

In the current digital realities, businesses are constantly looking for solutions to increase the overall efficiency of processes while significantly reducing day-to-day routine operations. Among the most critical challenges is the enterprise’s document flow, which automation and optimization can substantially boost the company’s activities. In this article, we will look at the possibilities of integrating specialized Neat cloud services to simplify documentation management and improve collaboration with clients.

What are Neat Cloud Services

Neat Cloud Services is a popular American cloud-based document management platform designed to assist businesses in organizing, digitizing, and automating their paperwork flow. Tailored to enhance efficiency and productivity, the Neat Cloud App offers a range of convenient features ideal for companies seeking improved efficiency in managing documentation and appropriate for anyone aiming to transition to a paperless solution:

  • Automatic scanning and organization
    The application scans documents using the dedicated NeatConnect scanner or a mobile app and automatically categorizes documents such as receipts, invoices, contracts, etc.
  • Data extraction and search
    It executes automated data extraction to eliminate manual entry, finding key information like vendor names, amounts, and due dates, and enabling easy searching and accessibility of documents.
  • Cloud storage and access
    The service provides a centralized document repository and securely uploads and stores documents in the cloud, providing accessibility from any device with an internet connection. It supplies version control, audit trails, and protected document sharing. Neat Cloud offers different subscription plans with varying features and storage limits.
  • Reporting and insights
    It generates clear reports on spending, income, and other information from documents, streamlines onboarding and verification processes, and triggers workflows based on extracted data.
  • Integrations
    Neat Cloud Services support seamless integration with business apps like Quickbooks, Xero, Salesforce, and other corporate software utilizing APIs.

Although this is not officially stated in the Neat company description, the technology stack of its services is based mainly on the Amazon AWS cloud infrastructure using proven solutions like API Gateway, Lambda, CloudFront, and S3, as confirmed by tools like BuiltWith and SimilarWeb. The Amazon Web Services website also places a case study showing Neat as a success story on their platform. In this regard, Neat’s solutions are excellent for companies that need quality services, security, and compliance.

Any industry that deals with a significant volume of paper documents or manual business data entry can benefit from Neat Cloud’s automation capabilities:

  • Finance and accounting can use cloud computing to automate data entry from invoices, receipts, and bank statements for faster reconciliation and expense tracking, streamline financial document management and compliance with secure cloud storage and audit trails, and integrate with accounting software for seamless data exchange and reporting.
  • Healthcare may leverage it to simplify patient intake and insurance verification by extracting data from ID documents and forms, streamlining medical record management with safe cloud storage and access controls, and automating data extraction from prescriptions and lab reports for accurate patient information.
  • Retail and E-commerce can automate data capture from order forms and invoices for efficient processing, simplify warranty claims and product return workflows, and improve customer service by offering secure document sharing and collaboration features.
  • Logistics and transportation benefit from getting automated data from shipping labels, bills of lading, and customs documents, tracking inventory and shipments, and enhanced logistics accuracy with automated workflows triggered by actual data.
  • Professional services can automate data entry from client contracts, invoices, and project documents, organize document management for proposals, agreements, and reports, and sweeten collaboration with clients by sharing documents and tracking feedback.
  • Education may utilize simple document management for student admissions, transcripts, course materials, grade reports, attendance records automation, and secure sharing of educational resources.
  • Non-profit organizations can facilitate grant applications and donor management, track expenses and receipts for financial reporting and compliance, and stimulate volunteer onboarding and engagement with secure document sharing and collaboration tools.

Neat Cloud Services Benefits and Limitations

Neat Cloud Services emerges as a versatile platform, which makes it a great way to extend the business capabilities of a core enterprise application:

  • It automates data extraction from various documents, minimizing manual data entry and associated errors. It proves particularly advantageous for apps handling financial, logistical, or record-keeping functions.
  • By automating data capture and document management, Neat Cloud empowers users to save time and effort. That, in turn, allows them to focus on other critical tasks within the app, fostering increased productivity.
  • Users can seamlessly store, organize, and search for relevant documents within the app. That eliminates the need for separate document management systems, contributing to a more streamlined and efficient user experience.
  • With secure cloud storage and access controls, Neat Cloud ensures data privacy and assists clients in complying with relevant data security regulations.
  • Neat Cloud’s integrations with various business applications, including CRMs, accounting software, supply chain management systems, and project management tools, facilitate smooth data exchange. This integration enhances cooperation between the app and other systems already in use by the client.

At the same time, employing a ready-made IT solution has several advantages for the development process and integration into the company’s overall IT architecture:

  • Integrating Neat Cloud eliminates the need for developers to build custom document management functionalities within the enterprise app. This results in substantial time and effort savings.
  • Robust APIs and SDKs simplify compatibility with diverse platforms and programming languages. This feature enhances developers’ ability to connect the service with the app’s backend infrastructure.
  • As a cloud-based solution, Neat easily scales to accommodate increasing user and data needs. This scalability reduces the maintenance burden on developers, improving the whole system’s maintainability.
  • Developers benefit from easy access and manipulation of data through Neat Cloud’s API. It simplifies data integration and analysis tasks, accelerating the processing.

While Neat Cloud offers many practical advantages, it’s not perfect for every project.

  • The service may face efficiency challenges for apps requiring constant processing of a massive volume of docs.
  • While excelling at handling standard document formats, Neat Cloud’s data extraction capabilities may prove insufficient for highly specialized or complex document types.
  • If the client already has a well-established document management system, switching to Neat Cloud may not be so cost-effective. Introducing it as a new system necessitates user training and change management initiatives, impacting overall adoption.
  • Depending on specific client requirements, there may be a need for more granular control over data access and storage than Neat Cloud usually provides. Carefully evaluating the app’s security measures and compliance certifications is crucial.
  • The app’s dependence on an internet connection may pose challenges for operating in offline or low-bandwidth environments.
  • Custom development requirements for integration or adapting Neat Cloud’s functionalities into existing corporate systems may incur additional costs.

Neat Cloud Services presents a compelling solution, yet developers must thoroughly assess project needs, technical requirements, and budget constraints to profitably complete the cloud transition of document management for the client. It requires specialized skills and practical knowledge, which any IT company like ours should have.

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Frequently Asked Questions: Neat Cloud Services

What cloud services does Neat Scanner work with?

The Neat Scanner, specifically NeatConnect, offers versatile scanning options, allowing users to scan directly to Neat Cloud Service, Evernote, Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive, FTP destinations, or send scanned images to email addresses via email accounts with AOL, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, or POP/SMTP.

How to integrate Neat receipt scanner software into the corporate IT system?

To integrate receipt scanning software like Neat, configure it to connect with relevant cloud services or utilize the available APIs for seamless integration, ensuring compatibility with existing systems and workflows.