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Car and Product
Case Study – Car and Product


The project is a platform for teachers and students that allows you to create courses on the study of car design and study this direction as a student.

The project is intended for several types of users:

  • Teacher – creates his own courses and receives payments from students for them.
  • Tutor – conducts courses created by Car and product design learning platform.
  • Student – buys, studies courses and receives grades and certificates.

Convenient functionality and clear design of the project allows you to create new courses and pass them quickly, clearly and easily.


On this page the user can get acquainted with main categories on the project including:

  • Courses (Different types);
  • About (Project, tutors, courses);
  • Community (Feed, resource, portfolios);
  • Login (Like Students or Tutor).


On this page the admin can see all tutors of the project and manage them.


On this page the admin can see all new courses that were created by Tutors and by himself. And manage it.


On this page the Tutor or admin can add video in the courses by Vimeo, using the video ID that has already existed or uploading a file directly to Vimeo.



The client requested to add several new features for an existing project within one month and by a fixed price model.

We needed to automate the process of registering a teacher on a project with the signing of an agreement. Create a new user role in the admin panel with unique pages and functionality:

  • Binding a Pay pal account and withdrawing money to the account.
  • Dashboard with all transactions.
  • Create and manage courses.
  • Notifications of users and teachers about new actions.
  • Binding Vimeo and uploading videos to courses through this service.
  • Additional logic for the project administrator pre-moderation of new courses, roles and users management.

Including the management of already created courses and those that are still in development, filtering, sorting, searching for various parameters, handling collaborative editing.

Only the client can take PR, and he does not do it right away, but every other day.

The real challenge was that, in addition to everything, it was fixed price and the client did not have a clear description of the functionality of what should be the output, there was no information from lawyers on signing documents, and there was no access to some services and we had no design for all this. These issues began to be resolved only a week after the start.


We attracted several developers to the project in order to be in time in such a short time.

1 Frontend, 2 Backend, PM, QA. And one more spare Backend developer in case of unforeseen situations. Top-level distributed functionality into parts – what can be started now, and what is blocked.

We started the first sprint (1 week) with onboarding and project installation and creating new tables for new roles. The study of third-party functionality that will be connected, API, etc.
At the same time, we wrote a backlog with a full description of the functionality.

The client did not have answers to the main questions, as they needed to be clarified with the lawyers and project owners.
After the successful completion of the first sprint, we already had half of the described and agreed functionality.

In the second sprint, we distributed the functionality to the guys so that they do not interfere with each other and are not distracted by other tasks.

1st Backend developer makes new endpoint tables for the new role, the second is only done by Vimeo. Frontend creates new pages using existing elements where appropriate. PM continues to discuss and describe new tickets. QA collects a checklist and tests what was done in the first sprint.

In the third sprint, we received the answers regarding functionality only at the end of the week.

Therefore, they took only those tickets that were approved.

Similar to the second sprint, 1 Backend developer added new endpoints for the Frontend and fixed bugs found earlier, the second Backend developer was engaged in the connection of Pay pal, the spare developer was involved in the development of pages and elements.

The Frontend kept adding new pages and features that didn’t require a new design. Qa checked new tickets.

Toward the end, we connected the Designer and drew and approved the design of new pages.

At the beginning of the fourth sprint, we changed the logic of roles according to the new requirements. Finished with the layout of new pages and added the necessary logic to the backend.

On Thursday, QA checked all the changes and on Friday the project was ready for presentation to the client with all the fixes.



We were able to assemble a team in a short time, analyze the project, provide expertise in the development of new functionality. Automate the process of registering teachers, adding courses and reviews.

Also, the withdrawal of earned money to the PayPal account. And convenient administrator management of all new changes. The correct initial assessment and subsequent consulting helped to stay on deadline and not exceed the budget.

Even taking into account the fact that the final description of the functionality was received a week before the deadline. And the loss of one developer for a week due to sick leave.

Although the project was ready for a demo on Friday within the agreed timeframe, it was only a week after the completion due to the New Year holidays that the demo was completed.
The client accepted the work and was satisfied.


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