The project helps users emulate the factory
machines’ work to calculate and find the most
optimal time and ways of the working process
without wasting the time.

Key functionality:

  • control and automation of work processes;
  • using modulation results for calculations and distribution of key production resources;
  • time management for individual and general production lines;
  • monitoring the efficiency of capital use;
  • finding optimal paths by means of traversing the graph by breadth-first search.
Solution for simulation and management


It was necessary to add new features for simulating the working process
of machines and gathering statistics of their work. This react web service
is very useful for factory workers who need to calculate the most optimal,
fastest, and most optimistic way of goods production.

We started from updating the template which was provided with new
functionality. During the development process, our customer added
new features and design ideas. We completely updated the UI according
to the new requirements and added a lot of new features for simulation.


Developed web application from scratch:

  • Added new schema of modulation;
  • Added statistic gathering function;
  • Updated UI/UX according to the new requirements;
  • Added new features to the core functionality.


Highly experienced web developers of Academy Smart
were concentrated on creating user-friendly, useful, and
functional web application that would allow users at all
levels to manage and simulate factory working processes.

As a result, we have successfully overcome the challenge –
developed the back end part written on Node.js and the
front end part on React of the project system with the

  • creating a modulation scheme;
  • modulation scheme editing;
  • error handling;
  • the ability to create isolated sites for each of the registered companies;
  • modulation of the scheme in a user-defined mode;
  • collecting information about the actions of the user with each change in the schema;
  • displaying complete statistics and efficiency factors for each element involved in the scheme.

The customer is going to launch the app to the store very soon.

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