Learning management system for staff educating

Summary Forester is a Learning management system for creation and learning the courses. Our part in the project included Courses management block development: Course listings, course description, content, batch credits uploading, certificates. Technologies Used

Cloud services management and optimization platform

Summary Cloudyn is a system that allows users to manage and optimize multi-platform clouds by enabling full visibility and accountability, packaged with continuous optimization across all clouds. Supported platforms include Azure, AWS and Google Cloud. It is a highly scalable, cloud-management and optimization solution that lets users easily manage cloud usage, optimize performance, govern and allocate costs across their organization, and automatically analyze massive volumes of data. Technologies Used
Marina Reservation

Berths booking and management system

Summary Marina Reservation is an online berth booking platform. Its main features include:
  • A reservation management system that allows skippers and boat charter companies to manage their booking requests and get accurate information in less than 24 working hours;
  • The possibility to book extra facilities in marinas like hotel accommodation, swimming pool, mooring assistance, Wi-Fi, crane, car parking, washing services etc.;
  • Transaction-based reviews from clients that help other travellers and skippers choose the harbours that suit them best;
  • Instant booking confirmation by email and SMS;
  • A secure payment system.
Technologies Used
Exam platform

Certification platform

Summary Exam Platform in an entry point site for ESP certification candidates. Provides possibilities to enter examination, download candidate certificate as PDF etc. Technologies Used
84 Lumber

Inventories and orders management system

Summary 84 Lumber is a system for construction materials' providers developed to help them manage their inventories and orders. Our part in this projects:
  • Calendar development
  • Scheduler
  • Estimator
  • Front end fixing and refinements
  • Mobile view front end development
Technologies Used

Engine for comparing deals, discounts, and free offers

Summary NearMe is an engine for comparing deals, discounts, and free offers that are usually hidden and unknown, from the immediate vicinity to the user, in hundreds of categories and thousands of sub-categories. In the technological fields, which are known to be expensive, and in the West, there is a shortage of workforce. NearMe presents results from all over the world so that the user can find the best service provider at surprising prices. Technologies Used

Moodle based learning management system for providing courses and classes online

Summary Linx Institute is a Moodle online educating system. Our part in this project was to write a plugin for downloading all student assessments with resubmissions in one archive. Additionally, it was required to implement a possibility to download a copy of student's quiz results for every section/cluster. Technologies Used
Helping Hut

One-time jobs posting board

Summary Helping Hut is a portal for the one-time jobs posting. This site allows creating the jobs’ listings, where the potential employer can describe the task and set the price, as well as become a helper, who is able to apply to the listed projects and tasks. There are many filters implemented with the help of which potential helpers can easily find relevant options. Portal was developed from scratch. Technologies Used
Friday plugins

Plugins for Moodle LMS

Summary The aim of the project was the plugins development for Friday Institute's Moodle system. There were 4 plugins required.
  • Resource libraries plugin which allows adding, editing and managing resources for the different courses within Moodle system
  • Video resource plugin allows editing, managing and customizing video resources for the particular courses, give the rating for the resource
  • Reusable HTML plugin allows entering HTML blocks outside of a course structure
  • Enrollment plugin allows creating custom fields, questions and criteria for students enrollment to the specific course
Technologies Used

MS Office automation system

Summary ITS-R2 is the system for automated processing of the task results being executed in MS Office. Tasks fulfilled are part of the candidate certification program in the European system ECDL. ITS-R2 allows to analyze the results of the MS Office tools usage and get an assessment of the certificate task fulfillment. Technologies Used

Educating site for the patients with Parkinson disease

Summary LiveWell is the site for the patients with Parkinson disease. It has e-learning module integrated which allows the users to learn special courses for self-development. There were special modules for galleries developed and Google Maps API integrated. Technologies Used

Certification application

Summary ItemBank is the universal application for certification, created on the basis of applications developing experience for several European certification systems. It automates the entire process, from the creation of exam template and tests (questions, tasks) to passing exam by candidate and obtaining marks for it inlcuding printing of results. It supports two dozen types of questions / tasks, work online and offline, on mobile devices. Technologies Used

Testing the Eco-Energy performance

Summary The 3EMtool allows to :
  • Analyze and sum up Eco-Energy patterns
  • Help to self-assess company environmental performance
  • Benchmark company with other central European enterprises
  • Deliver a customized Assessment Report.The report will size an eco-energy consumption and highlight strengths and weaknesses of the performance
  • Suggest further services and facilities, like a list of eco-energy experts and other useful links and documents.
Technologies Used

Learning management system for large and mid-sized enterprises

Summary VR-Bildung is a learning management system developed for large and mid-sized enterprises. It allows integrating wide range of e-Learning contents that compatible with SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004 standards, build courses catalog and management of hierarchical data and statistics. It proposes different tools for building of learning path, communication, tutoring and reporting of learning progress. Software is highly modular and allows flexible customization according to the customer needs. Technologies Used

Israel construction company's website

Summary ATTAR is a site developed for the construction company in Israel. Construction projects are divided into categories. Each window on the home page shows a building with its details: the photo of the facade, the interior works, the card with an indicator of the location of the building etc. Project was developed from scratch. Technologies Used

Data collection automation system

Summary EM.MA is the application devoted to the automation process of the data collection of certification systems, such as ECDL, IELTS, ESC etc. It simplifies all data processing operations needed to statistical, operational and other reports completion Technologies Used

SCORM courses

Summary Rexall SCORM course development included general course SCORM package generation, course screen resolution - from 1920x1080 to 1280x960, general course content changes, functional parts development - progress bar, navigation, quizzes, course communication with LMS. Technologies Used

News board with 3 sub-portals

Summary Polosa is the news board and analytical portal created for the public of the CIS countries and Israel. The site has 3 sub-portals:, and The design and functionality of the portal have been fulfiled by a team of 5 people. The project included maintenance of the portal and development of new functionality. Technologies Used

Educational portal for yoga online

Summary Naam Yoga is a portal for yoga online. This site allows you to watch training videos, read articles and participate in the activities of yoga. There are PayPal integration and a wide range of e-learning functionality. Technologies Used

Online banking system

Summary Jigzo is the online banking system. Admin can manage user requests, profiles, accounts, send messages, post news, see all transactions in system log, set the settings and see the reports. Users are available to manage their accounts including cards management, fulfill transactions between users, between accounts, outgoing wire transfers and cards funding, see reports and news. This system was developed by our team from scratch. Technologies Used

Real estate portal

Summary is the Russian real estate portal that allows users to publish announcements, support the dialog between real estate seller and buyer, receive consultations on legal aspects and be informed about latest market news. Technologies Used
Repository Management System

Scalable binary repository manager

Summary Artifactory is a product that serves as a scalable binary repository manager. The project included testing the process of software version update from old version to the newest with steps:
  • artifactory cluster installation,
  • update cluster to the newest version,
  • running bulk tests after/during all steps
  • stress testing with jmeter and blazemeter
Technologies Used

Music discovery tool

Summary Rotation is a music discovery tool based on human to human recommendations. The project included the development of search, filtration, code improvement, performance improvement, comments support. Technologies Used
Hiring System

System for the automatic testing of candidates before hiring

Summary Hire True is a resource for automatic testing of candidates before hiring. Our part in the project inclded:
  • System upgrade
  • New UI development
Technologies Used
Spectra DMS

Specification development tool

Summary Building of the development specification creation tool in Web + Word Add-in versions. Supports 2 main American building specification formats - Uniformat and MasterFormat. Technologies Used

Car sharing and management platform

Summary Car2Go is a car sharing platform that allows people to rent a car wherever they are. System proposes a location tracking and mapping services, vehicles management and user cabinet. Our part in the project: Admin panel's front end development from scratch, back end modules development. Technologies Used

European community's eLearning system developed on a Moodle basis.

Summary EU-HCWM is an eLearning portal developed for the European community. It allows managing students and grading in a custom way, supports different languages. Technologies Used
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